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Finding Jobs for Spanish Speakers

Apr 15, 2008
Searching for jobs can be challenging, even in the best of times. Whether you have just graduated from school or are a seasoned professional, speaking Spanish contributes greatly to your qualifications in a growing number of markets in North America. The steps below are designed to help you refine your search and land your prize assignment.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

The resources you use for finding employment will differ, depending on whether you are merely looking for place to use your Spanish in the course of normal duties, or plan to teach the language. Excellent sources for bilingual jobs are Lat Pro and Diversity Inc. If you are looking in the education market, Teachers Net is a premier resource. In either case, make sure to register which any site so that they can keep you informed about any new opportunities. And use any associated forum so that you can communicate with other people looking for similar jobs. But you might want to be a little careful about divulging any information that could give a lead away to a potential competitor. And it should go without saying, but do your research on a company or educational institution well before your first interview or email contact.

What Do You Really Want?

This may be stating the obvious, but make sure that your desires are in line with the positions you are apply for consideration. One popular technique is to interview yourself, focusing on questions asked by typical employers. Just as they will want to know your true motivations for applying to their organization, you should be aware of how the position will fulfill your requirements. It is best to be as specific as possible in your responses, which shows decisiveness and commitment. Employers are generally more interested in determined applicants, showing clarity around both their strengths and weaknesses, than those who show a lack of interest and foresight.

Time to Apply Yourself

Take any application, whether written or online, very seriously. This application packet is your virtual ambassador until the recruiter or potential future boss gets a chance to communicate with you personally. Design a resume in a style and format that works best for you. Even though many applications now are stripped down to text format, the language and organization evident in your application is your first chance to put your best foot forward, so to speak. For example, if you are lacking in work experience, you can focus more on previous volunteer work and educational achievements. It is never to early to show confidence and enthusiasm. The only caution is to steer clear of boastfulness.

If at First You Do Not Succeed

Find a job, especially one that meets most or all of your requirements, is a journey. Most of us do not get our ideal job on the first attempt. But if you apply the above techniques to your search, and see this as part of a life strategy, the perfect job may come looking for you rather than the other way around.
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