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The 7 Steps To Network Marketing Success

Apr 15, 2008
Network marketing success is sitting there, waiting for those with the vision and determination to go after it.

No, this isn't MLM. There's no chasing anyone down dark alleys.

This is marketing on the internet, via advertising, affiliate sales, ebooks, ebay, Amazon, videos, courses, services, and lots, lots more. One of the sales components may be an MLM relationship, but there is a whole lot more. It is successful online marketing. Very successful marketing.

There are 7 steps that every successful network marketer needs to follow.

1. Get a theme with a passion. Create a theme for your website. But not just any old theme. It has to be something you truly enjoy. Something that you know something about, or would be glad to research. Don't try selling Green Goo Juice when you don't even like the taste of it.

2. Surround yourself with multiple streams of income. Just one income stream will never do. Even if it's a great company. What if that company falls on hard times and goes out of business? If it is the only company you represent, you're out of business too. So surround yourself with several great affiliates.

3. Remember: If you can't see your income, it isn't yours. MLM companies with 17 levels of income really astound me. Let's get a reality check here. Do you honestly think they are going to pay you 17 levels down? I hate to sound so skeptical, but I don't. You won't even know who those people are, much less be able to track their income. And if you can't track it, it won't be yours.

4. Learn how to sell on the internet. No, this isn't those long, long one page sales letters. I hate those. I mean honest, straightforward information about your theme. Suppose you want a website on how to crochet. Great. Teach your online business visitor everything possible about how to crochet. When she is ready to buy patterns and yarns and instructional CDs, odds are pretty good she will look to you.

5. Build your own community. Those "leads" that you buy from others simply don't work. They are sold to hundreds of people. These are the communications that end up in your junk email box. Do you read those? I don't. No, for successful network marketing develop your own community with great tools like Content 2.0, newsletters and visitor contributions. You will be paid back a hundred fold for these.

6. Tackle the internet with gusto. As technologies go, the internet is not the scariest. Find a web host who will help you along, then jump in. You will have your online business before you know it.

7. Be yourself. Don't turn into a slick slimey sales person. You're not that. You are a nice, helpful, intelligent individual. That is what your website needs to project. Then you will draw all manner of similar folk to your site. That's when network marketing is at its best.

There are lots of other things to learn about selling on the internet, but these are the most important things. Everything else can be learned.

Good luck on your new adventure! I look forward to seeing you there.
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MaryAnn Shank, webmaster at Your Network Marketing Coach,, has helped thousands of online businesses, large and small, earn lots and lots of money from network marketing.
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