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Internet Irresistible Force Lessons

Apr 15, 2008
"There's something thrilling about the internet."
-- Brian Eno (rock musician)

This article shows some ways of using ideal best practice thinking for analyzing how your organization should relate to the Internet. You will find this article primarily helpful as an exercise in applying some elements of ideal best practice identification.

A Map Is Useful in a Maze

Irresistible force management can provide you with concepts and questions to reach your goals whenever you enter unexplored irresistible force territory. That unexplored territory can be a new irresistible force, or it can be a more extreme variation in a familiar one. The perspectives you develop from these concepts and questions will make the new irresistible force familiar and meaningful to you and your colleagues.

Many people see the Internet's future as an irresistible force that will change the shape of all organizations forever. Outlining the best ways to locate, anticipate, and adapt to the Internet's elements is beyond the scope of this article. But the fast-changing face of this electronic connection provides a wonderful context for how you can apply one of irresistible growth management's most important concepts, locating the ideal best practice.

What are the ideal best practices for your enterprise to use the Internet, a subject about which nothing has been written before now? Think of this article as an experience in dealing with the unfamiliar, rather than solely concentrating on Internet-related lessons. In that way, you will get the most benefit.

The ideal best practice for dealing with irresistible forces is not to forecast them perfectly and prepare advance plans to perfectly fit the forces' shapes. Rather, you should identify ways of working with these forces that will put you close to a perfect flexibility, that creates advantages from every change in the irresistible forces, whether anticipated or not.

The physical analogy for this is the pivoting windmill that uses the wind from all directions equally well. A human example would be a football fan prepared to enjoy a Packer's playoff game in Green Bay, Wisconsin during January, regardless of the weather.

Moving onto a newer area like the Internet, many people will draw a blank when starting to think about what the ideal thing to do is. Or they may focus on the latest "overnight success" on the Internet and assume that's the way to go.

Actually, it's not so hard to think about the Internet: You need to start by thinking about similar activities that you did before the Internet was available.

Start by spelling out everything that you do now on the Internet, what you would like to do, and how you got all of these things done best in the past.
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