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How To Write Better For Article Marketing

Apr 15, 2008
You want to advertise your business online through article marketing; the only problem is that, writing is not your thing. Article marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective methods in endorsing an online business. It has pulled generous traffic for many sites.

But not everyone can easily write articles with good content. Even professional writers have difficulty sometimes in writing informative and quality articles. If you have the interest, here are some steps that you can follow in order to construct a good article that will surely attract readers.

1. Come up with an interesting title. An interesting title is something that will tell your readers what they will get from reading your article. State it in a direct manner. "How To" articles are one of the popular searches in the internet. It is a good way to start your titles with that.

2. It has also been observed that readers are drawn to read articles with titles that involve odd numbers. It will be interesting to consider this in your titles as well. You can probably state 7 ways to... or 5 tips on...

3. Address your article to one person. Most people are interested to read something which they feel is written for them. The pronoun "you" makes more impact than the use of them or everyone. If you address your article to a particular reader, it becomes more personal and the reader will feel that you are directly talking to him.

4. Make sure that you get your readers attention in the introductory sentence of your paragraph. If a reader thinks that your first few lines are boring, he will look for other interesting articles to read. To avoid this, develop a striking opening statement that will make readers want to read more.

5. Define your ideas and present them in an organize way. A well written article does not mean that it has all the topics a person can think of. Better identify about three to five ideas and present each idea in a paragraph. It will allow you to have more focus on what you are writing and the reader will not find your article too overwhelming with information.

6. Complete your article with an invitation for your reader to take action. Here is where your resource box comes in. Put a link that your reader can click on to access your site. Provide valuable information about you and your line of business. And take advantage of the few lines you can include in the box to lure readers to check out your website.
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