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Choose Your Cash Gifting Program Wisely

Apr 15, 2008
In the 'home business' arena, in recent years, nothing has caused as much controversy as the concept of Cash Gifting.. What is Cash Gifting? What does it involve? Is it legal? Will it work for me? These are just a few of the many questions that people ask when the subject is mentioned. Many people consider participating as a means to seriously build their personal wealth, and it undoubtedly has the potential to 'open doors' for people who would otherwise be locked into poverty. As with most activities of this kind, it is absolutely vital for the individual to do his/her 'due diligence'. As is very often the case, despite the undoubted benefits this activity can certainly bring, there are traps for the unwary.

What Is A 'Gift' And How Do We Define It?

The giving of Cash is certainly not a new concept and has been around for many years. The fundamental difference now, though, is that the whole process can be automated via the Internet which has allowed the programs to become more streamlined and efficient. A cash giving program, then, is defined as a system which enables a private group of individuals to give and receive cash and property to and from one another.

Cash Gifting is by its very nature. Controversial and this has led many to contend that the activity is illegal. This is certainly not the case as, in the United States, as in many other Western countries, Cash giving is based on the Constitutional right of individuals to give property, cash and other assets. In the United States, this process is regulated by Title 26 in the IRS Tax Code. This law states that one or more individuals can give a gift to another individual of up to $11,000 each per calendar year. There will be no tax liability to either the giver or receiver of the gift, and the gifts are not calculated into the gross income of the receiver. Cash giving is perfectly legal, and the benefits it provides are endless! Particularly so if the right Cash Gifting program is selected from the outset.

The Smart Way To 'Gift'

When you assess a cash gifting program, it is important to look for several features that are included in only the top programs. Especially on the Internet, it is easy to be sucked into a program that is actually a scam. By looking for a few key features of the program, you will ensure that the program you choose is the best one.

Flexibility is another key component when assessing the most suitable Cash Gifting program. For example, some of the more successful cash gifting programs might offer different levels of participation. In some cases entry level gifts can be a low as $100, thus opening the opportunity to less fortunate individuals. This can rise to $10,000 per gift for the higher levels within the most prestigious programs designed for the more serious or ambitious entrepreneur. It is important that the different levels allow you to give cash gifts in amounts that you are comfortable with - there really is no point in over-stepping your means. Most people get into Gifting, initially, on a part-time basis, so it is very important that an individual is able to 'work' the program and succeed with the minimum amount of effort and in the shortest time possible. In fact, the best programs will allow both full time and part time participation.

Some cash gifting programs are unsuccessful because their program depends on their members marketing and selling a product or service. Although these programs are, strictly speaking, not Cash Gifting in the pure sense. It is important to keep a look out for these and avoid them at all costs. The best cash gifting programs do not have this requirement. All that should be required of the members is to publicize the opportunity, ideally through a website provided by the program and which is backed-up through a totally automated back-office. In the best programs, the final 'closing of the deal' or enrollment of new participants should be the responsibility of the program managers. Thus requiring as little input as possible from the members.

From a legal perspective, something to look out for and a dead giveaway of a program that is not legitimate is one that is structured pyramid-style. You have undoubtedly heard of the notorious 'pyramid scheme' which the public at large have been warned to avoid 'like the plague'. Many corporate organizations with similar goals are structured in such a way that only allows those at the top to reap the benefits. This can work in a corporate environment, but is an absolute 'No No' for Cash Gifting. A true cash gifting program will be structured in a way that allows all participants to benefit equally. Indeed, the very best programs operate what is called a '1 -UP' system. This provides the potential for an 'unlimited' residual income once you have enrolled your first direct member. You should study the details of your prospective program of choice and look for this feature - it's 'dynamite'!

Look Before You Leap

Despite all the scrutiny that is required when selecting a cash gifting program to participate in, true cash gifting groups are great opportunities for making money in a fast and easy manner. This can be especially helpful for those who might be stuck in a desperate situation - perhaps needing cash urgently or being in debt. Those who try to undermine the beauty and selflessness of cash gifting programs do not understand the true nature of the group-it follows God's law of Reciprocity. "Give and it shall be given unto you."

This is the first in a series of articles by the author which explore the wonderful opportunities presented to those who enter Cash Gifting in a spirit of 'giving'. Choose the right program, and they will be richly rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.
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Gerry Lewis is a UK-based businessman, entrepreneur and internet marketer. He has over 30 years experience in both offline & online marketing and is currently building one of the most successful Cash Gifting teams in the UK. If you want to build your wealth in the fastest time possible. Or, you just want to take a look at what this Cash Gifting 'thing' is all about, go to href="http://www.cashgiftstorm.com ">www.CashGiftStorm.com for full details.
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