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The Truth about Internet Web Marketing

Apr 15, 2008
When it comes to internet web marketing, many people jump on the band wagon, hoping to experience the rags to riches story in their own life. Internet web marketing is sold heavily everyday online. So it's easy to run after every guru's latest gravy train.

This is the way that this method of money making is marketed. You purchase one internet web marketing system and in a few weeks they'll tell you that a new system is needed to make sure you don't miss out on more money. So, essentially they keep the carrot in front of you so you never actually get it.

Instead of opening our eyes and realizing this, we often go right after that carrot, looking for the dream of getting rich quick. Sure, the appeal to our emotions, and instead of thinking about the situation, we go on and make the decisions on our emotions.

Everyone wants a better life, more money and the ability to work on their own time in their pajamas at home if they want to. Age doesn't matter. Everyone is looking for a way to not have to worry about bills, buy a big house and drive the fancy car. If you look at these program's websites, that's all you will see. They appeal straight to a person's emotional need to live the good life, and people suck it up.

Just think, most people who sell cars will use imagery to sell you the car. They tell you how great you'll look in the car and how it will look wonderful in front of your home. Of course this sounds great to you since you want to look great. So, you may find yourself making an emotional decision to purchase a car you really didn't want or need.

Internet web marketing is no different. Web pages are designed to cater to the emotional needs of desperate people looking for a better life. They appeal to the desire, the ego and promise wealth and an easy life.

So now that we understand what drives a market to buy products we ourselves have to apply techniques that will work for us. Example every time you get an e-mail from a guru trying to sell you something, save the e-mail and study it.

Once you have this email and you study it closely, then you can actually take the email and use it as a good outline that will help you to promote a similar product or even the same one. This is helpful, especially if the letter pulled at your emotions.

The bottom line is that you can apply many techniques for internet web marketing but understanding yourself and what drives your emotions will help your tap into others. Then you can create good landing pages pre-selling products, write good e-mail copy, because you should be capturing peoples e-mail addresses and first names on a list.

Then follow up with good content and introduce your character, then relate to their needs and give them what they are looking for and the rest as they say is history.

The advantages of internet web marketing are many. You do not have a big overhead, when you build your business you can do it anywhere in the world. Even while you are sleeping money can be coming in. However be pragmatic and understand you're skills and develop a solid plan that will work for you - and you will succeed.
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