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Should You Use Google Pay Per Click For Search Or Content?

Apr 15, 2008
When you advertise with pay per click, Google gives you as the advertiser two options. You can have your advertising in search results, advertising in website content, or both. If you advertise in search, the results are displayed in Google under searches, and also in distributors' search results. Google content advertising is for those who want to incorporate AdSense into their websites. As AdSense rapidly grows, it now exists on millions of webpages throughout the Internet. However, many advertisers do not use AdSense and simply use advertising in search results instead.

There are several reasons for this, the first of which is trust. Because many smaller websites have chosen to embark on what is called "click fraud," those who choose AdSense options in webpages are far more vulnerable to click fraud than are those who choose search only. Click fraud does exist in search, but it is far less common. If one chooses to commit click fraud in search, they want to negatively impact a competitor's return on investment. This is also true in that sense, and website owners may want to increase revenues using tactics that are similar.

Website owners are also choosing to market out with content because they are utilizing a buyer's motivation when he or she is on a website. If someone is on a different website, he or she might be there for different reasons. For example, if a website discusses what the disadvantages of AdSense are, the search results might actually return results on "AdSense websites," or those selling them, for example. Even though people might click on this particular advertisement, they won't buy after they read a negative review. It can also be true that someone on the AdSense website was looking for what best color palette they should use for their setup. For this reason, the person would not find that particular advertisement relevant, but might still click on the advertisement just to see what it's about.

The advertiser also often rejects AdSense websites because oftentimes, it's thought that these websites require more administrative care. This is because websites need to be checked through to see how relevant they are, and bids must be edited to ensure that they still appear on a page. Some words have a network of over 500 websites, so it must be time consuming and expensive to keep up with them. This is the case, but there are many who find that AdWords accounts return websites that don't even seem to be supporting their particular keywords. For example, of particular concern are the phrases "terms and conditions" or "privacy policy."

Many are rejecting content advertising, but many still feel it provides a similar return on investment as the search does. One of the reasons this is true is because more and more advertisers only choose search. As this continues to occur, the advertiser will have less competition, so that the word price itself reduces. Advertises also find a good return on investment from a publisher's website if they decide to actively promote advertiser services within content. For example, if someone is discussing printing services, he or she can also recommend the advertiser's services.

This can be positive for both the publisher and advertiser, and can be a good way for publishers to move toward. In spite of this, publishers have to keep in mind that they can't be too obvious when they do this, or buyers will definitely understand what's going on and will avoid it.

Advertisers are also opting for content because it increases their scale, but this can be done across other search engines as well. Still, those who wish to utilize content advertisement should choose Google AdSense's network. It is far and away the best as compared to Yahoo or other competitors so far. In addition, its network of publishers is superior, which means advertisers will benefit from being able to spread their message through many different types of websites.

AdSense is the best pay for click content distributor, but it doesn't compare to search for the advertiser. With the search, leads are more qualified, are usually less fraudulent, and are more regulated. Advertisers therefore consistently choose search versus content. In spite of this, advertisers should still check out AdSense and see if you can provide the return on investment they want. Some advertisers say that content provides a better return for their particular business than search does. This does vary somewhat, but overall, search remains tops for pay per click advertisers.
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