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Set Goals To Achieve Success

Apr 15, 2008
I have been setting goals since high school. No, I wasn't an "A," "B" or even a "C" student. I was a typical, want to have fun, didn't care about college "D" student. I know what you are thinking. What possible goal could I have set?. Well, that is easy to answer, my goal was to graduate without being held back a year. Because, in high school, the worse thing in the world to me was to be the oldest kid in the grade level. This may not have been a life altering goal, but a goal none the less, and I successfully achieved my goal. My point is, it is not the type of the goal you set that matters, but the fact that you set one. If I had known then what I know now, I would have definitely set better goals for myself. But, for this article, it proves a valid point.

In high school I knew what I wanted and how to get it, I had to if I wanted to achieve the goal of graduating. This was more difficult than you think. By setting this goal, it forced me to learn how the system worked, and to study every aspect of the rules. I had to know what would happen if I failed this test or if I didn't show up for it at all. What was I going to need on the next test?. What about the next quarter? I admit now that just studying hard and getting "A's" would have probably been easier (but probably not as much fun).

My best friend, on the other hand, decided not to set any goals and just see what happens. You could ask him any question relating to the his future and his answer would be " I Don't Know ". That was his favorite phase. Well tenth and eleventh grade came and went. And, like most people who don't set goals, he got lucky and passed. Now it's twelfth grade and again, like most people who don't set goals, the luck came to a screeching halt and ran out. He failed and now had to spend another year in the twelfth grade being the oldest kid in his class. I can't imagine how it felt being with all the kids who just the year before looked up to him.

My friend failed because he didn't set a goal and take the time to learn the rules or study the game. The rules changed in twelfth grade, you couldn't miss but so many classes or you would automatically fail. Since he felt he would just do the same thing he had always done, he paid the price. My point here is simple. By setting goals, you are more likely to get somewhere in life and keep going. Goals are more than just a wish. They enable us to be more than we are and stronger than we thought. When we reach and accomplish one goal, we are more eager to want to set another one, thus we continue to grow.

I am thirty one now. I barely passed high school and have no college education at all.Yet, I have achieved a lot in my short life all because of goals. I have held the title of manager in several different jobs. I am currently going on 6 years with my current employer and again hold the title of manager. I make a good living, have a wonderful family and thank God everyday that I have set goals in my life. Goals are what made all these things possible. Some of them have been small and others big, but all have been reached. Even if I fail the fist time at the goal I have set, I just get back up, dust myself off, and go at it again until I succeed. Failure is not an option to me. These same principles will be with me as I start my new venture and I will succeed at it as well.

Now go out and set some goals for yourself. Big or small, it doesn't matter as long as you follow through to the end. Give yourself adequate time to reach these goals and don't get disappointed if some take longer than you think they should. Just stay with it and you will succeed. Don't let petty things from your past or present stand in the way of your future. The only way to fail is if you let yourself fail.
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