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Using the Internet's experts to learn to build wealth at home

Apr 15, 2008
There are many people on the internet offering get rich quick schemes. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Program is not one of those programs. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Program is a well researched educational program that allows you to learn in your own home at your own rate. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Program brings together the proven educators that are most in demand and offers their secrets to success at drastically reduced prices. If you are looking for a workable plan to gain increased financial and personal security then the Money Masters DVD Home Study Program is for you. Here they are included in one low price and you can review their teachings anytime. The following is a sample of the 13+ educators offered.

From her humble beginnings, Loral Langemeier is known as "The Best Millionaire Maker" in the world. She now has a team of wealth advisors on staff and has written many books including The Millionaire Maker, The Millionaire Maker's Guide to Wealth Cycle Investing, Guerilla Wealth and Building Your Millionaire Credit. She is famous for her pledge to make clients wealthy in 3 to 5 years and has proven her methods time and time again. Loral believes in 'living out loud' and in the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack she shares her most valued philosophies and methods in a way that is accessible and effective.

Mike Filsaime is known for his unique approach to internet marketing he calls 'Butterfly Marketing'. His background in software development and years in management give him a unique perspective on the internet. He is a master of viral marketing and continues to adapt as the internet changes. He is the author of a very popular blog and has written numerous books including The 7 Figure Code. His website reported over 6 million dollars in sales in 2006 and is expected to report close to 7 million dollars in 2007.

Tom Hua is widely respected as the "Godfather Of The eBook". An immigrant from China, he built his empire from just $300. Today he owns a group of internet companies that cater to a wide range of consumer needs. These companies include eBookWholesaler, FreeToSell.com, PDFBrander.com, WebEncoder.com, WorldInternetSummit.com, iKeys.net, HostingBay.net, Webay.com.au, BodaIT.com, WorldInternetPay.com, and WorldInternetOffice.com. These companies are leaders in online publishing, domain management, software development, ecommerce management, and internet payment solutions. Tom Hua generates millions of dollars each year and in the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack, he shows you exactly how to start your own internet based company and begin to generate wealth.

Rick Otton is one of the most profitable real estate tycoons in the world. He is based in Australia although he invests all over the world. His most popular lectures are available in the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack and he clearly explains his most profitable methods including how to build cash flow, by owner cash flow systems, 100% financing of the property and many more money making strategies.

Adam Ginsberg is famous as an eBay Powerseller and teacher. If you have ever wanted to start your own eBay business or similar internet venture then Adam is the teacher for you. One of the first internet sellers to use drop-shipping, Adam can teach you how to succeed with eBay as a secondary or primary business. He is the author of The Ultimate eBay Guide often called the 'Bible Of eBay' and is very in demand as keynote speaker in the United States. He has helped thousands set obtainable goals for wealth and reach. Known as the 'Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur', the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack offers you the rare opportunity to learn from eBay's '20 Million Dollar Man'.

Bob Proctor incorporates the 'Law of Attraction' into his wealth creating philosophy. Long before the best selling book The Secret, Bob used the same methods to achieve wealth. For over 40 years, Bob has been proving his methods by building his own fortune, now he brings these same methods to you. He teaches that personal and spiritual awareness are integral to your financial success. In addition, he has found a methodology by which you can reach personal and spiritual satisfaction. He is the founder of an extremely successful consulting firm that is based in Arizona and now offers you the same information at a fraction of the cost through the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack.

Tom Hopkins is known as 'The Builder Of Sales Champions'. Not a speaker who spends his time with platitudes and catchy motivational phrases, his methods are clear and concise instructions on exactly how to exceed in sales. He gained this knowledge through his years of experience in real estate. His company became successful largely through referral sales. He was able to reach an incredible 98% of all of his sales from referrals. In this series he explains how to establish referrals for your own business saving a fortune on marketing cost and establishing the success of your business for years to come. He also offers valuable advice on specific ways to ask for the sale and get results and other techniques from his popular book How to Master the Art of Selling.

Marshall Sylver has spent the last 20 years building his reputation as a communications master. He is widely sought after as a key note speaker around the world and had appeared as a communications specialist on Late Night with David Letterman, a guest on the Howard Stern Show, and as a featured subject in Rolling Stone Magazine. He has written many books including the best selling Secrets of Persuasion and lectures worldwide about the secret of subconscious selling. This DVD Home Study Pack offers you the amazing opportunity to receive these valuable lessons in the comfort of your own home for much less than the lecture/seminar price.

Stephen Pierce has made millions in online marketing. A true guru of internet operations, he applies traditional marketing techniques to the current internet marketplace. He first introduced his methods in the best selling book, The Whole Truth. Many have used his techniques to achieve wealth beyond their imagination. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack includes his most popular teachings and will save you thousands compared to the seminar fees you would normally have to pay for the same information.

Nik Halik is a blue-chip investment legend. He founded the Financial Freedom Institute and offers a system based on 'live investing'. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack includes information from most requested subjects including stock market intelligence, property wealth, tax secrets, and personal empowerment. Nik is a multi-millionaire investor and rose to fame after his blockbuster book Professional Options Strategies for Private Traders.

Warren Black is the tax attorney we all dream of having. He has spent the last two decades practicing international tax law after an extremely successful academic career winning the Mallesons Stephen Jacques award for his thesis on Income and Capital Gains Tax. He receives millions of dollars from his ventures and speaking engagements but has agreed to participate in the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack at a fraction of his usual fee. Few of us can afford a truly prestigious attorney and even lectures are out of the price range of the average entrepreneur. This is one of the few chances you will ever have to receive world class information without having to pay a world class price.

John Childers is one of the world's foremost experts in public speaking. Let's face it, for business and personal success you need to be able to communicate effectively. John teaches you how to not only be clear and concise but persuasive. John is a successful real estate investor and now teaches his secrets to students across the United States. He is currently on a tour of the Southeastern United States and is the creator of the popular educational series Wealth Academy.

Peter Bland's life has always been about overcoming challenges. He was born with a hole in his heart, but set his sights on a life of adventure and extreme endurance. In 1996, Peter navigated a team to the South Magnetic Pole. When their boat suffered catastrophic mechanical failure in the pack ice of the Antarctic Ocean, threatening not only their expedition but their very lives, Peter freed the trapped propeller, diving in the freezing water protected by nothing except a wet suit. The expedition was a success, but the strain that Peter had placed his body under nearly killed him, and months later he endured a risky operation to repair a thoracic aneurism that threatened to burst. From his hospital bed, Peter defied the doctors and set himself a goal to be the first Australian to reach both magnetic poles and within a year Peter successfully man-hauled a sled 650 kilometres to the North Magnetic Pole. Yet his urge to walk the thin edge between adventure and disaster still hadn't been satiated. In January 2001 Peter and his partner were attempting a world-first unsupported crossing of the Antarctic Peninsula when catastrophe struck. He was taken by an avalanche and plunged 40 metres down a crevasse. His partner kept him alive for three days deep within the crevasse until help arrived. A Step Too Far is Peter's story. It is both an adventure and a work of inspiration as Peter describes in gripping detail how he overcame every challenge from Arctic and Antarctic expeditions to the long, painful recovery from his ordeal in the crevasse. You will be able to adapt his philosophy to achieve goals that you never thought you could reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

Probably the most attractive feature of this program is that it is home-based to allow for maximum flexibility to your busy schedule. After all, all of the teachers focus their programs for those who are currently employed but looking to expand their wealth and personal horizons. Whether you are looking for assistance in financial guidance, personal satisfaction, or to improve your communication ability for personal fulfillment, there is an expert for you to learn from with the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack.
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