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Tips To Ward Off Hackers And Identity Theft

Apr 15, 2008
Hackers and identity theft is a very real cause for concern today and not something that you would normally associate with science fiction where all sorts of plots are always being hatched in order to rob people of their identities.

With the dawn of the Internet, today there is a real threat concerning hackers and identity theft which means that you must be on top of the situation at all times and be educated with regard to knowing how to prevent someone hacking your personal details and robbing you off your identity.

Advanced Techniques Of Stealing Your Identity

Today, hackers and identity theft are a very real threat and the advanced techniques being used make robbing you of your identity as simple as stealing candy from a child. Essentially, a hacker will find out your name, credit card number, Social Security number or other piece of vital information and then use it to perform illegal acts.

Unfortunately, even though you may have taken adequate steps to prevent hackers from stealing your identity, these may not prove to be effective enough and so it would pay for you to heed a few important tips with regard to hackers and identity theft.

First of all, you need to use a password that is not only unique, but which is not predictable and then use these obtuse passwords to protect your personal details including bank statements, credit card information as well as phone accounts.

Next, you need to also secure all of your personal details both in your office as well as at your home so that hackers cannot find these vital pieces of information and use them to rob you off your identity. Simple things such as locking personal information within a filing cabinet or safe can help you thwart hackers and identity theft. Also, you should pick up a new check book personally rather than have it mailed to you, and also, always secure your mailbox outside your home.

Other steps you need to take in order to thwart hackers and identity theft include never giving out personal details over the phone, through the mail or over the internet. Also, never carry your Social Security number in your wallet, and instead secure it away somewhere very safe. While using your computer, makes sure to use latest anti-virus protection and never click on suspicious links or emails which can spread viruses that can compromise both the security of your computer as well as steal your personal information.

Also, you should periodically check your Credit Report and in case you believe that hackers have stolen your identity, and then you need to report this immediately to the concerned authorities.
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