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Apr 15, 2008
By now, you should know, from the popularity of search engines and their affiliation with good content that articles are the way to go. Internet Marketers use articles to gain popularity in the search engines and to get a higher ranking. The search engines love fresh content and you don't have to write the content yourself. You can hire a writer to do the job for you. No one will know that you did not write the article. This is called ghostwriting and you will get full credit for the article even though you did not physically write it.

You can also purchase article rights also called PLR or Private Label Resource. You will be able to add your own information in the resource box as if you wrote the article. This may not be the best way to start out since the content is not as fresh, but it is still content that you can post to many article submission directories so that you can get maximum exposure. You can use these PLR articles and rewrite them. This will add freshness to them to give them a different twist.

Your article would now be considered new content and an original article to the article submission directories. You can now use this article for your web promotion campaign.

If you don't have the time to write or rewrite articles, you can use the service of many other writers who bid on projects at elance.com. You would post your writing project at elance and a writer or writers would bid on it and you would choose the right person to complete your article or articles of you. You will get the complete rights to these articles once you pay the writer at elance.com. This would be fresh content that you can use in your web promotion.

You can also visit some of the article directories and select the topic that you want to write about. Click on a few articles in that category and get some ideas on what to write about. You would be surprised how much you can get out of just one article. You are not going to copy anyone's work. You are only going to derive your own ideas and write what you know from experience or personal knowledge.

Article distribution gives you free advertising and free web promotion. You will find your articles showing up on web pages that you did not even submit them to. This is called back links or reciprocal links that point back to your website without you having to do any soliciting. Other website owners that have similar website like you do will pick up your article and post it to their website. They will give you credit for the article also. Think about it - one article written in a few minutes can cause such a domino effect. Isn't it worth it?

Be sure that your articles contain useful information and not just a solicited sales letter. A regular article should be about 500 words long and should benefit the reader in some way. If you are offering a free giveaway, you can mention that in your resource box. Let the reader think of you as the expert.
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