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Avoiding Product Launch Mistakes

Apr 15, 2008
It seems there has been a lot of online buzz lately regarding the successes of some impressive product launches. From Jeff Walker's video case studies revealing people who made thousands and thousands of dollars in a day through their product launches to blogs and forum postings sharing success stories, the idea of a lucrative product launch seems more and more possible. However, as more people try their hands at such business ventures, it is more important than ever to be aware of some major mistakes that can derail a product launch.

Launching a product can be a turning point that takes a business to the next level. Or it can be the failure that causes a once hopeful business owner to throw in the towel. One important aspect of doing it the right way is to educate oneself through a program like Walker's Product Launch Formula or through significant personal research. While the education piece is undoubtedly important, the key may actually be to study other's mistakes.

By knowing where other people have tried and fallen short of their goals, you can recognize and avoid these mistakes, potentially saving you time and money. After all, everyone knows that many, many people have failed in the attempt to make money online. Often times, these failures are a result of moving forward too soon without learning about their field and knowing what makes a success and what makes a bomb in their particular industry.

Extensive research and planning are needed in order to give your product launch the best chance possible for making it and bringing in the money. However, below are a few common mistakes you can avoid as you begin to set up your launch the right way.

1. Focusing on the product more than the launch. While it may make sense to devote time and attention to developing an excellent product, the truth is the success of a product launch depends much more on the launch plan and techniques than the product itself. Some people are even focusing on learning all they can about launching right before they select the product they want to sell.

2. Rushing into the launch. When someone is excited about a product, they are often ready to launch---yesterday! But it will pay off to wait until you know the ins and outs of your industry and have a solid launch plan in place. When you experience the success a good launch can provide, you will be glad you waited until the time and buyer conditions were right.

3. Neglecting an emergency plan. While no one likes to expect the worse, in the case of a product launch it is wise to consider the things that can go wrong in order to be prepared and have a back-up plan. Just like life, businesses do not always run as expected. Servers crash. Product glitches happen. Poor economic factors cause problems. Consider such issues and know what steps you will take if the worst happens.

4. Forgetting the importance of your target market. A key aspect to any product launch is the target market. Focus on building your e-mail list in order to keep increasing your numbers, even until the last moments before the launch. Many people who have experienced launch success are recommending a pre-launch on a small portion of your list in order to see what the reaction to the product is. If the response is extremely low, it is a good indication that you need to do some work on your product and marketing strategies.

A product launch is a proven way to take your business to the next level as long as it is conducted the right way. Know your stuff and avoid mistakes in order to boost your online money making potential.
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