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Staying Safe When Buying Gold Jewelry Online

Apr 15, 2008
You may have seen a nice diamond gold ring online that you are thinking of purchasing, you may have seen a gold bracelet. Now this is not a cheap purchase, all too often, this can cost several thousand dollars. Before buying, learn how to stay safe, and get what you plan to get.

Offline in the world, we find many jewelers, and these retail outlets have a nice range or gold jewelry, but the selection often is not great, and the price is pretty standard! You want a bargain, and the best place to go is online.

Today more and more gold jewelry sellers can be found online. The selection is vast, and if one online gold jewelry seller does not have the product you need, then another will. You have much more choice online, but this does not mean you will always get the best deal. Your purchase can easily become more than you bargained for.

There are several ways to protect yourself when buying gold online. The first is to look at how old that site is. How long has that website existed for. Some stores may look nice and modern, but this is no guarantee.

A great way to find out how long they have been around is to look at a whois database. There are many databases online and simply searching for 'whois' in Google will give you many sites. You simply type in the domain, and then can find out how long the website has been registered for. The reason for doing this is that an established site that has been around for years is unlikely to run off with your money.

When purchasing online, always try to use a credit card. This acts like a protection. You can generally get your money back from the credit card company, if the site was a scam. However, no one wants this as it generally is a process that can take months, and in that time, you may have to still pay for it!

One of the greatest suggestions I can offer, is that you to look for trusted sites. The websites you have visited over the years. eBay is great, but again, we are dealing with independent sellers. There is no guarantee there either, that you will get what you purchased. However, looking at feedback can help.

There are many more websites online that sell gold jewelry, and many are working, and many can get you your product in time, at the best prices. However, keep an eye on the price. If you see several other stores offering a similar item around a certain price, and one sticks out like a sore thumb with a price drastically different, then this can be a thought for concern.

Some sites will also have the 'hacker safe' logo. These sites are generally ones which value you a lot. They have to pay money to get that certification that the site is safe. Though not all sites have this kind of logo. Another way in that case is that when you purchase, look at the address bar. Make sure that the site is using https:// when your order goes through. Also make sure the connection is encrypted.

A last point before closing the article. When spending several thousand dollars online, try calling the company or send an email. If a company responds within 24/48 hours, it is likely you will get your order.
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