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How To Correctly Use Squeeze Pages to Build Your Opt-in Lists

Apr 15, 2008
Squeeze pages or reseller pages are simple, effective and short web pages that have just one objective - to build your opt-in list and, optionally redirect the visitor to one of your own sales page or an affiliate page. Squeeze pages, if done properly, is a great way to capture your visitors name and email address BEFORE they are shown (or redirected to) the actual sales message.

Offer an incentive - Give them a reason to opt in. Offer a free gift when they sign up, but make sure the gift is something valuable that they will really want and that they cannot get anywhere else. More the value, higher will be your opt-in rate. Do not just throw away something you downloaded years ago that nobody is interested in. Offer something new and exciting. Special reports work very well.

Follow through on what you say - Make sure that when you say something that you can back it up. If you say you will only send one email per month then only send one email per month. If you do not follow through then you will lose their confidence and likely their subscription to your list. Tell in advance what they will get by subscribing to your list. Also tell them what they are going to lose if they unsubscribe in every email you send. People cannot stand losing anything, even if they do not want that thing.

Explain how to they can use your offer - Let them know how useful this will be to them. Tell them how you are an expert and quite knowledgeable so you will be giving them something of value that they can get a lot of use out of. Supposing you are giving private label rights to one of your publications, tell them what they can do with those rights. In other words, explain "What's In It For Me". The benefits your visitor gets when he or she subscribes.

Use photos - Put your picture on there. It has been shown that when people use a picture they get a better response. This is due to the fact that people feel more connected when they see what someone looks like. Make sure it is a good photo. People become uncomfortable when they feel they are interacting with a software script instead of live human being on the other side of their computer screen.

Make the customer feel secure and safe - Let the customers know that you have their safety in mind. Tell them about how safe it is to shop with you and back that up by giving them the proof they are safe. Never forget to prominently display your privacy policy on your squeeze page.

Use sub headlines - Sub headlines compliment the headline. They provide more information and add to the intrigue. Most people on the Internet are busy and do not read each and every word on every page they visit. People just "scan" the page first. By sprinkling your page with sub-headlines and bullet point wherever necessary, you are helping people to "see" your squeeze page how they want and boost your opt-in rates.

Make it easy to opt in - Put a mini form on the page so they can sign up quickly. Make it something they can do in a matter of seconds. A mini-form is a small form with just a title and text boxes to type the name and email address with a submit button. Use these mini-forms on all pages of your website.
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