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Seven Ways to Steer Traffic to your Website

Apr 15, 2008
You have a website or maybe a lead capture page, but you are not sure how to steer traffic to it.

With good targeted traffic, you can test and track your conversion, your click-throughs, list building, to name a few of the possibilities.

There are numerous traffic sources, such as search engine traffic. But relying solely on search engines for your traffic, or from any one source is like trying to find a grain of sand in the ocean. By diversifying your strategies you create a comprehensive game plan to drive traffic to your site.

But you need content in order to satisfy both your website visitors and the search engines. How does content actually bring you website traffic? How do you create traffic so that at the end of the month your lead list has grown rather than stagnated?

Here is the list of 7 surefire ways to drive target traffic to your site using content.

1. Keyword-rich articles.

By researching the popular keywords for your topic or product, you can create information that places these words into the context of an article for your website. Websites need pages. The more, the better. The World Wide Web is like the ocean. If you are going to venture out into the deep international waters, you need a big ship, not a tiny raft.

Websites with pages of real content are friendly for the search engines.

2. Newsletters or sequenced information.

80% of sales take place after the first contact. That is why it is imperative that every website have a newsletter when possible. The percentage of sales goes up with each contact. The highest percentage made after 5 to 7 contacts. Remember that you are not dispensing information; you are creating a network.

To have a newsletter, you must have content. Start gathering some thoughts together and write those newsletters about them. Put your newletters as a page in your website rather than attached pdf so that you drive the traffic to your site.

3. Free reports.

Free reports are a great way to attract subscribers to your newsletter. It is best to create viral reports.

These reports can also be given away by other people on related websites, with a link to your website inside. You provide them something to give to their customers for free and you get the traffic that is sure to follow.

4. Submission to relevant websites.

Another beneficial use for articles is to offer them directly to sites you would like to share an audience with. This is not only a great way to gain credibility for your topic, but will provide useful hyperlinks all over the Internet.

5. Forums or blogs.

Search for forums or blogs that discuss something related to your website. In most cases you can either post a link to your website in your signature or share information that arouses questions about your website from other posters. Some forums permit you to post your articles.

6. Link pages.

Rather than having a bland list of links, you could be use your links to gain more credibility and provide more content for the search engines.

Create a separate page for each link category and write 200-400 words of content on that subject. Offering your recommended links at the end will make you a source for information rather than just a catalogue of links.

7. Press release.

Press releases should become an important part of your marketing. By creating a press release to announce a new product, results of a poll or related news event, you can get free advertising in the media. Press releases are great for the launch of a new product.

Remember, all marketing takes an investment of time. Plan your marketing efforts to bet the best compensation or return on investment for yourself. Always look at the opportunity for growth vs the investment (OGI). If you are not getting back what you are seek from your investment of time or money dig a little deeper and expand your knowledge.
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Rick Hubbard - B.A. in Communication and Organizational Leadership and an M.A. in Educational Technology He is a media specialist at a university and does consulting in communication and e-learning.He enjoys helping people successfully market their home-based businesses. The Perfect Ocean
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