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It's All in the Attitude

Apr 15, 2008
I AM YOUR ATTITUDE! I AM YOUR MASTER. I can make you rise or fall. I can make you a success or failure. I can work for or against you. I control your feelings and actions. I can make your heart sing with happiness. I can make you wretched, dejected, or morbid. I can make you angry and resentful. I can make you lonely, discouraged or depressed. I can make you sick, listless. I can be a shackle, heavy and burdensome. I can be a prism's hue, dancing bright and colorful. I can be nurtured and grown to be beautiful. I can never be removed, only replaced. I AM YOUR ATTITUDE! (author unknown)

As humans, we have a very wide spectrum of emotions and we all have our "moments" -- those moments of doubt, or sadness, or rage, or misery. It's my fervent belief that we must, must, must remember that all emotions are choices and we hold the key to whether we're going to allow an emotion to get us and keep us down or not.

This means that we have choices in how we experience our every day lives. It's a responsibility. When we're cut off in traffic, we can choose to blow the horn or give the finger, or we can simply let it go and not let it stick to us.

This, admittedly, can be very difficult. It's a crowded world. There are people who have no manners, who couldn't care any less that you have been inconvenienced by their rudeness. And yet, that's the way things will remain whether you choose to get angry and filled with rage, or whether you let it slip right off you like water slips off a duck.

There is a time and place for everything, of course, including confrontation. Not every situation requires that kind of intensity. Say someone steals your parking spot, make a big deal about it or find another one.

Of course even I have my moments -- sometimes these are angry moments, sometimes these are overly frustrated moments -- but I have come to realize that these moments are counterproductive and I need simply to enlarge the frame through which I'm viewing the irritating situation.

I've recently become aware of a technique that helps to remove you from the negative mindsets we can sometimes get in and prevent them from keeping us stuck. Here's what you do: Smile. That's it. Putting a smile on your face, a wide grin, really getting your dimples involved, this tricks yourself into feeling better. Don't take my word for it, try it. You're telling your unconscious that you are choosing not to dwell on the negative.

You are becoming the master of your attitude. Think of the people that are inconsiderate or rude, not as people who are trying to screw up your day, but as people who are testing your resolve to have a good attitude.
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Kenrick Cleveland teaches techniques to earn the business of wealthy clients using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in persuasion techniques.
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