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Advanced Cycles For Advanced Lifters (Part 2)

Apr 15, 2008
For the chosen lift you will need to determine your one rep maximum, as the cycle will be based on % of that maximum lift. If you don't know your 1rep max for your lifts then it is probably a good indication that your record keeping is not what it should be or maybe simply that you are a perpetual fluff bunny who doesn't like heavy iron. You can guestimate your one rep maxes from experience if you like, or hold on your cookies, get a decent spot and find out for sure. Your choice!

It doesn't matter which speciality lift that you choose as far as your cycle is concerned as that will stay the same. Below you will see a chart indicating what your training frequency and the intensity should be for each of the lifts. There really isn't a better way to start out in speciality training and this routine has served me well and we will develop on it during the rest of this article.

Wk 1...Monday Wednesday Friday, 80% (62)* 80% (63) 80% (62) Wk 2 80% (64) 80% (62) 80% (65) Wk 3 80% (62) 80% (66) 80% (62) Wk 4 85% (55) 80% (62) 90% (44) Wk 5 80% (62) 95% (33) 80% (62) Wk 6 100% (22) 80% (62) 102-110% (new max). By the way *(62) is 6 sets of 2 reps, not 2 sets of 6 reps and if you are puffing away already don't bother. Go and find your calculator as the percentages are calculated from your one rep max.

I assume that you and the majority of people that have decided to read this article are just normal bodybuilders and that your bodybuilding bible is the "Muscle and Shitness" mag. You wouldn't find this routine in that rag as you have probably already noticed. You may think this is just a big joke, so don't lose heart yet as everything will soon look different.

"Enhanced" Olympic lifters, track athletes and powerlifters train up to 30 times a week and get great results. I am drug free and manage to hit deadlifts over 220Kg up to 5 times in a training week, and that is just bloody NORMAL. Now a bodybuilder is not advised to session being heavy and no sets being taken to failure is NOT a high volume program by any stretch of the imagination.

Some of you might find that you will do better by dropping the low intensity (6 sets of 2 reps @ 80%) sessions in week 4 or 5. This is a call you will have to make based upon how well you are recovering from the program but remember the whole point is to load volume over the first 3 weeks and then increase loading whilst dropping the volume down till you reach your new max. (Coming Soon...Part 3)
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