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A Simple Graphics Editor Can Help You Make Your Banners More Effective

Apr 16, 2008
The use of attractive banners on websites is a common practice all over the internet and is effective advertising at its best that has in no way lost its popularity. Flash banners, font banners picture banners and even 3D banners are common and linked to the advertisers' website or products directly. Header graphics banners have also become a popular way of attracting attention to one's website. It is now quite simple to create your own banner with a banner editor or simple graphics editor and with a little imagination sensational and visually attractive effects can be achieved.

In the past banner design and editing was something only professional and highly qualified graphic designers could achieve, and this was rather expensive at that. Fortunately these days it is now possible to download simple graphics editors with enough features to make delightful looking banners without huge effort or graphics design knowledge. The majority of this software used for editing banners offers you a choice of fonts, color pickers, and clipart designs that can be used on the banner you are designing. Flash banners are a little more complicated and may need more than a simple graphics editor program to achieve the desired effect. With a little practice and patience you will be quite proud at the results you can achieve when editing banners or designing your own.

A word of caution though regarding use of your banners; using too many banners on your website can backfire if they are all on one website page. People are quickly irritated by dozens of different flashy banners and it is hard to focus your eyes on any one of them. It is far more sensible in placing a banner in the fold (Top of your website page) and perhaps at the bottom of your page for the best effect. After considerable research into best placement of banners it has also been found that with the majority of people reading from left to right; having an attractive vertical banner on the left of a page is great for sales as well. People are more likely to click on this as well

Many simple graphics editor programs offer a selection of banner blanks and this is a great head start. Using these as your templates with graphics editor or banner editor software, you can now add your images, text and color schemes to suit what you have in mind. Looking at other banners on websites first may be a good idea to give you an indication of what is the most attractive. After a little experimentation with a graphics editor program you will soon master the art of editing and creating your own banners.
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