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Do You Need Zing For Your Marketing Campaign

Apr 16, 2008
By definition, successful marketing campaigns have zing and pizzazz. The marketplace is insanely busy with upward of 3000 marketing messages reaching your customer each day. Your campaign needs to be exceptionally exciting to be noticed. Here are some zing techniques.

1. Get inside the head and culture of your customers. You are going to have to engage the best strategic copywriters money can buy conceptual thinkers who can turn your marketing message into language that travels like a silver bullet into the mind of your customer. Think of Nike's slogan "Just do it." On the face of it these are three simple words. In effect they sum up the mindset of Generation Y. That is great thinking, great marketing.

2. Get a picture. Note I don't say get a logo. You have to do more than define a shape. You need to visually connect with your customer's emotions. Just think of the Nike tick. It is more than a logo, more than a tick. It defines everything that Generation Y represents. Again, that's great thinking, great marketing. Employ the best marketing designer you can afford.

3. Get colorful. What would Coke be without red and white? Do not let your designer overlook the importance of color. Add meaning to your message. Black, white and gold are commonly connected with power and luxury. Green is connected with naturalness and environmental friendliness. Pale pastels mean serenity. Orange, yellow and pink tend to mean youth and fun. You get the picture!

4. Get technologically involved. There are lots of cost-effective technological marketing options available. Think mobile marketing. Think audio and video for your website. Think of the Pepsi website where teenagers are greeted with energetic music. Adidas's website opens with a video which truly fits their punch line, Impossible is nothing. Get business cards with great graphics.

5. Get your customer involved in your vibe. Your goods and services are nothing compared to the zing surrounding them. Just listing the benefits of your product/service isn't enough. Customers want their needs met. They don't want spec sheets. They want to know how their lives will be changed by using your products and services. They want to know exactly how they would go about benefiting. It's all about me when it comes to zing marketing!

6. Get unique. You know your products and services are unique so make your marketing campaign unique too. Marketing with Zing is one-of-a-kind. It hits a spot in the consumer's brain that has never been reached before. The effect is powerful. In fact the impression is everlasting. Once you have been noticed by the recipient of a zing marketing campaign, the word will be out. The effect will be viral. Your customers will be like walking billboards not for your goods and services but for your zing! Get zing. It's worth it!
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