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An aware person is less likely to become a victim of crime

Apr 16, 2008
Most people when thinking about Self defense think that it is all about knowing special techniques, tricks or carrying special defense weapons like pepper spray, tasers and the like but the truth is that these items and abilities are helpful but are not to be considered as real self defense. Self Defense as professionals understand it starts with awareness.

People who are aware of the possibility to suffer an attack are more likely to defend themselves in an effective way than those who are walking around thinking the police will take care of them. You are the first person to be responsible for your own safety and those that depend on you for this. Crime comes in many forms and mostly depends on time, place and opportunity. Being aware of these conditions is the first step to self defense.

The place you are at the moment also gives more or less possibility for an attack to happen. A dark street obviously is a perfect place to be attacked but you can also be "attacked" by a pick pocket thief when you are in a crowded disco or bus.

When recognizing and analyzing your personal situation you now know your vulnerabilities when it comes to defend yourself. You now know where and when you are in a situation that can be used against you to attack you. So the next step is to avoid these places or change the time of day or night so attacks are less likely to occur. For example don't go through the dark alley during nighttime only to get 5 minutes earlier at home. Take the longer road if this gives you more street illumination, more people around you that can help you when you are in distress. Dont open your wallet or purse so everyone can see there is money in it. Don`t visit places known to be a bad neighborhood. Don't go walking in the park with a mp3 player (you will lose an important part of your sensorial capacity. There have been many attacks on people with walkmans, mp3 players or ipods just because of this reason. There are many ways to avoid being a victim of crime and 80% of the things you can do are within the steps I just described. The solution is not only taking a course of self defense or buying defense sprays and other items.
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