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SEO For Google In Five Easy Steps

Apr 16, 2008
Search engine optimization is a comparatively easy process than it seems. There is a misapprehension that it takes hours and loads of hard work. Though that is not true, it can be easy and would take less time if you follow these five SEO Google tips:-

So take an easy step forward to Google SEO with these steps to higher search engine positioning:-

a) Website composition

Make it a point that you have specifically gone through the website composition as it largely affects the location of your website among the rankings of search engine. Rating of the website with any search engine largely depends on the prioritization of the code or rather how a specific code is presented on the web page. Most websites that are rated higher are basically because there navigation is visible on top of the webpage. Although the tip is not same for every website owner as for you need to be careful that you present the core or the important part of your website first and foremost to let search catch first. So, it is very important to carefully plan the constitution of your website, especially when you are looking for better visual based navigation. Professional help is already available for such a task, however, if you wish to gather some more information on structural methods to get good search engine optimization; you have them here:

* Designing Without Tables Using CSS
* CSS Zengarden
* DezWozHere

In case you are looking forward website constitution now and would like to prefer table structure, you must have a look at the article on Table structure of Beanstalk's Mary Davies collection.

b) Content development

Content development and search engine optimization are intricately linked. It concerns your keywords and the content quality. The format of the webpage and the content layout also includes this very aspect of your website. For a good content you must confirm three things to your webpage content.

* Keyword density
* Content format and layout
* Relevance of the site articles for user assistance

The term keyword density refers to the number of repetitions keyword gains in the article content in ratio to the total words on the web page. Generally, the optimal keyword density waves somewhere in between the range of 3 to 5% and in case you wish to check the where your website keyword density is, you can check out with our following tools:-

* Overture's Keyword Density & Rank Checking Tool
* Keyword http://Density.com
* SEO Chat Keyword Density Tool

Content format and layout:

Content should be specifically be marked and differentiated with the different font size and style. Bold the headers in the main tags which present the anchor text with italics. In addition to this make sure you also bold the main keyword on the web page as this will help in catching viewer's attention, and this is obviously would bring you under the reign of search engine.

Relevance of the site articles for user assistance

The content of the site is basically for your representation and user orientation. Besides that it also acts as a help guide for the user. For example, if you are mortgage firm, it will be easier for you get a good ranking with search engine, if you have the entire content surrounding the mortgage. In short the content should bear relevance to the purpose of the website.

c) Link Building

Link building is easy but calls for attention to some important aspects such as what is the purpose of your site and does it any way relates to the website you have linked yourself to. According to Beanstalk, there are three ways in which one can go for a link building regime. The method you use largely relies on the client and the kind of the website the client owns. You can quickly see a shift in the ranking of your website if you follow these steps.

Reciprocal link building can be used along with directory submission method. Reciprocal link building can be useful, if you have a lot of sites on web related to your industry. Reciprocal link building is actually a tag that ties, for example a broker website with a mortgage website. While, articles writing and submission calls for a team of good writers and editors, forums building will require build a separate space in your website to answer queries and view comments of the users.

d) Inviting links

Inviting links depends on the usage of correct tools, and content also plays a important role in link baiting. Inviting links can be easy if you are regular with publishing articles and blogs. Regular press release and consistent feedbacks can also bring you in the eyes of websites looking for links.

Social networking

Social networking also holds value in web networking as it gives you a personalized search fallout. It is basically forms a community and gives an advance search option. For example, if I log on to a website and find it useful and simultaneously another user who access to same website happens to be my acquaintance than we have a common link to our assistance. However, in case I or the other user logs on to the other website for same assistance, than the information would come to me as well. Bookmarking is another option that can help.
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