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Getting The Best Affiliate Marketing Mindset

Apr 16, 2008
Perfectionists will hardly ever accomplish anything. Sounds kind of contrary to what you would normally believe, but it is true. When an affiliate marketer spends most of his or her time attempting to perfect their affiliate marketing strategy, nothing is ever finished.

There are so many attempts being made right now in the internet marketing sector to divert your attention. Don't get me wrong, there are some outstanding products available right now, but with so many affiliate marketers promoting them, we often become distracted. You may be working on a project with loads of potential, when all of a sudden you see some new product in the marketplace.

Naturally, you will begin to think, "I could make a ton of sales on that product." So you put your current project on hold and you proceed to create a landing page, write some articles to drive traffic to your landing page, and you might even start an Adwords campaign.

There's nothing wrong with this reaction, but think about this for a moment How often does a new product launch and appear in the marketplace? If I dropped everything I was doing every time I saw something I could sell at Clickbank.com or PayDotCom.com I would not ever be able to build this site. It is important to have a schedule when it comes to your affiliate marketing efforts.

Let's face it. If you manage to graduate from affiliate to the level of Super Affiliate (Able to make huge sales in a single mailing.), then you will most likely quit your day job to work full time on affiliate marketing. It's inevitable. Deep down, none of us want to have a boss or a constant, repetitious job, where we have to ask in advance to use the vacation time we have already earned.

Typically, many self-employed people have a hard-wired circuit for perfection. It's only natural. What I've read has led me to believe that those of us who are successful, have a general deep rooted fear of failure. It's this fear that drives us and motivates us to accomplish more than the average do-nothing. This isn't a curse It's just something to take note of when it comes to working for yourself.

The thing to remember is that in this business, efficiency is key. So use your perfectionism and direct it towards time management. Give yourself targets and deadlines to meet. Eventually, you will relax on your tight standards Now, I'm not saying that you should let everything just go to hell, but you are going to have to ease up a bit in order to accomplish anything.

Remember: All of the planning in the world is worth $0 if it is not put into effect.
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