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What is the Truth about Cash Gifting?

Apr 16, 2008
Did you know that one of the most unusual and interesting online wealth creation activities is cash gifting? It shouldn't surprise anyone, since this activity has been around for as long as humans have been around! Gifting of cash is possibly the most unique, if not powerful ways of creating wealth in the 21st century. It has resonated with a wide cross section of people around the world, who are seeking alternative ways of creating prosperity and freedom.

Those who come across cash gifting programs can be forgiven for their initial reactions of scepticism, disbelief, perhaps even shock and amazement! There are people who catch on right away and they very often get involved immediately. Others want to investigate further, or take a more sceptical look at the overall concept, before taking any action. The activity does elicit a response or opinion from most who encounter it.

Some of the people who may be initially shocked or disbelieving, are known to revisit the program or concept and take a look at it again. Some report that after reviewing things with an open mind, they often come to a conclusion that this is an opportunity worth pursuing. Once they get the final tidbits of information that they need to make an informed decision, many are ready to get started in the process of cash gifting. You could call them late converts!

That may account for most of the people who join cash gifting programs once they get the facts. You can see that they consider cash gifting is their choice of a way to achieve wealth and financial comfort. The activity of cash gifting is perhaps the simplest way to create wealth and this is a powerful attraction for people worldwide. So perhaps the key to its popularity is cash gifting's power, simplicity and mystique! Cash gifting participants who have come from other programs, are seeing amazing results when they start cash gifting.

Some sceptics may ask, "Why would someone give me a cash gift?". Some participants may argue that, perhaps there's no real explanation needed for something that is already occurring, and to just accept it! If you asked someone if they would accept a cash gift from you, do you think they would turn you down? If you received a cash gift from someone, would you send it back? Perhaps that is part of the mystique and allure of cash gifting.

This intriguing activity might not be for everyone. Most of us are taught from a very young age that we must always work, in order to earn. The concept of receiving cash as a gift feels odd, at first. The old fashioned "work ethic" is ingrained in us by our parents, our schools, our companies and our government leaders. The common "old school" concept is that you must trade your knowledge, your labour, or your goods for cash or income. Working for a living is simply a concept or option only, as is cash gifting.

The new 21st century generation of wealth seekers want to define how they live their lives, earn their money, and how they create their wealth. Jobs are not creating wealth for most people. The same can be said for many small businesses, which are often simply glorified jobs (except with a million details and risks!). Cash gifting is unique in it's simplicity and can create wealth unlike anything encountered in a normal job or business situation.

Whether you believe in it or not, this is an activity that is real and is growing daily. It is resonating with people everywhere. Like anything, you can choose to be a part of it, or choose to ignore it. It still works whether you are involved or not. As a wealth creation option, many are finding cash gifting to be the answer to their dreams and aspirations.
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