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Why Doesn't Internet Marketing Work For Me?

Apr 16, 2008
Anyone who has tried internet marketing knows there are several things that may work against them: They are almost always working by themselves, they are constantly being bombarded with new products and systems, and it will be quite tempting to move from one product or system to another. How do you deal with these and succeed online?

You Must Be Disciplined

The typical 9 to 5, 40 hour work week is nothing like working from home. With others constantly looking over your shoulder, there tends to be more of a formal structure to the 9 to 5 job. While working from home, it is all too easy to blow off some essential tasks because you saw a that they are showing highlights of the games you missed yesterday. When you first get your internet marketing business up and running, it will require a full time effort. Excuses will not be an option. Settle into your office, keep the dogs outside and get to work. Only then will the checks start to show up.

Let's face it, when you work at home, the loneliness can catch up to you and you can lose control of how you allocate your time. You must keep your work hours as productive as you can. Internet marketers are always searching for the newest and greatest things to assist us on our quests. That means signing up on lists. This is alright if you only sign up on a few and they are highly relevant to what you do. Sifting through a ton of useless emails will not put money in your bank account.

I myself, will not sign up for any more than 5 lists. There is just too much information out there and most of it is not all that useful. If something of top importance comes up, I am sure I will hear of it. Again, sifting through 25 emails will not benefit me or my business.

Every time you turn around, you see the new product or piece of information that is ESSENTIAL for your success. Please don't panic and think you "must have this". Most of what is thrown at you is "yesterday's news". It's the same old e-books and software made to look new. Save your money for more useful purchases

With that being said in regards to new products, if one comes along that realistically could save you some time, then consider it, but carefully. Time is of great value to you and if a tool (or a service) that automates some processes for you then it could be a smart investment.

Be careful with all of the shining reports and boasting testimonials. You need to know that these people are genuine users and not just affiliates.

Maintain Your Focus

A proper business plan is key to maintaining focus. Make sure to spend an adequate amount of time on the development of a proper business plan. This is not something you want to just glance over. Once the plan is developed, make every effort to stay with that plan.

It will normally take some time for positive results to make themselves known. Make sure you give your well thought out plan a fair amount of time. Becoming bored with the day to day tasks is not a justifiable reason to change your plan.

There are some things you can do to avoid becoming bored with some of the routine daily procedures you will be performing. Make sure you change the order of procedures around every so often. Make up a new schedule so you change the order of tasks around. Everybody needs some variety. Also try networking with other home business owners every now an again. Sometimes the best advice is free.

Staying concentrated on one well developed plan or strategy will add to your bottom line where jumping from one to the next, and to the next... will more often than not, have just the opposite effect.
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