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Ordering An ADSL Line

Apr 16, 2008
If you are in a situation where you think that you need to get a professionally fast and stable internet connection, then ADSL might be exactly what you are looking for.

You'll find that having an internet connection that is both fast and efficient is something that you can turn to a great advantage when you are working and whether you are a large business or a small one, this is vital. Take a look at a few tips when you are getting ready to order an ADSL.

1.Find out what is available

You'll find that by taking a look to see what your area has and what you can get might be a little different. Some areas are not covered and some will restrict you to certain services. Make sure that you know what your choices are.

2.Look online

When you are looking for ADSL rates, you'll find that you can do a lot of good by checking the rates online. You might be able to find rates that are limited time only offers made on the internet.

3.Take advantage of the firewall

When you take a look at ADSL services, you'll find that there is a high priority put on protection of data and security. Make sure that you take the service up on their high security, ICSA-approved firewall.

4.Think about email

When you are thinking about ordering an ADSL line, make sure that you think about how much you will use your email. You'll be able to run your own public mail and web server, and you'll find that you want to be ready for this.


When you are speaking about rates with a person on the phone, make sure you ask if there are any discounts or deals.

6.Decide on your networking

When you decide to put a small business online, you'll often find that you have need for a number of computers to be hooked up. Decide on what router you want to use and speak with the representative about how to get it hooked up.

7.Make a good appointment to have everything set up

There's nothing worse than playing phone tag, and you'll find that the more easily you can make contact with the person doing your installation, the more easily everything will be in place and you will be operational.


Self-installing your ADSL line is easier than you might think, show you are willing and able to take responsibility for the set up of the line and can read directions well, this might be the best option for you.


If you are a small business, let them know about ADSL's promise of stable service and let them know that you share that reputation. You'll find that the more reliable your service, the better it will be for you!

10.Keep your documentation

You'll find that you have plenty of contracts and paperwork sent to you, so make sure that you keep it all. This is the best way to keep your billing straight and to make sure you know exactly what your service covers.
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For Business Internet Services and ADSL Broadband, he recommends Iconnyx.
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