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Paid Survey : What Are The Pay Levels And Styles And How You Can Join Free

Apr 16, 2008
There are many different pay levels and styles involved when you take part in a paid survey. Some are more effective than others with your personal situation.

When you participate in a paid survey, you expect to receive pay for the time you spend in preparing and presenting your opinions on the subject, service, or product in question. Although most sites that publicize survey opportunities would like you to believe that you can make significant cash from answering questions about your experience with the product, in fact, the majority of survey sites provide reimbursement in ways other than cash. Before you sign up with a survey site, make sure you find out what percentage of the survey questionnaires are payment in cash and how many surveys are paid either in kind or through points.


Sometimes, a paid survey site will pay you in products or equipment items. For example, you may be asked to purchase a particular product and evaluate the product. Then you are reimbursed for the price of the product and you get to keep and use the balance. Sometimes your review will be to do consumer testing of equipment such as a hair dryer or coffee maker. Again, you are allowed to keep the product once the test review has been completed. This type of reward can be very lucrative. If you like the products that you get for nothing, you can continue using them. If not, you can dispose of them at an auction site.


Another way to be reimbursed for a paid survey that you complete is to receive merchant coupons for the product you are testing or similar products. Sometimes the coupon is for other products in the merchant's line. These coupons may be for products that you actually use on a regular basis, thus saving you money for the purchase price. Alternatively, the products are not something you would normally use. In this instance, many survey takers will use the products as gifts to other or will be part of a group that barters such goods so that each person in the transaction receives a benefit.


Cash for your paid survey is preferred by most people who are in the business of completing surveys for payment. Cash payments range from a few pennies per survey to several dollars. The fee is usually based on the amount of time that has been spent in completing the questions on the survey. The cash can be distributed by way of direct deposit, checks sent through the mail or funding sites such as PayPal.


The paid survey may be reimbursed by entering the respondent's name in a sweepstakes. The prizes attached to the sweepstakes are often quite valuable. The down side is that you have a very slim chance of winning. However, it is true that someone must win and there is always the possibility that the lucky winner will be you. This type of payment certainly doesn't put food on the table or money in the bank for the day to day costs of living, but it is exciting to think of winning a really beautiful car, house or other big ticket item.
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