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Inexpensive Promotional Products

Apr 16, 2008
Advertising is the cornerstone of any business to promote their product or service to the average consumer. Unfortunately, if you have a very small budget it can be a little disheartening knowing that you cannot afford to advertise. The good news is that there is a lot of low budget items you can give out at major events and that are not very expensive.

By putting your logo or company name on items such as pens is an inexpensive and effective way to advertise. Many larger companies still use pens with their logo to advertise because it is not only less than .50 cents a piece to produce but they are a constant reminder of your business by the person who is using it. Everyone needs an extra pen around and some people even collect the pens as a keepsake.

Business card magnets are even less expensive, if you are using an average size of four inches by two inches, to purchase then pens. They can come in so many different colors and designs and are useful ways to hold paper or appointment cards on your refrigerator.

Another low cost promotional item is a key chain. These are very popular because so many people use them. Often times when a person gets a free key chain they put it immediately on their key chain and then it ends up staying there for years. You can even get key chains in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can make them more unique by making them a bottle opener or by having a little flashlight inside the key chain. You can spend anywhere from $.50 per key chain up to $3.00 if you get something super fancy.

Plastic water bottles or toys are another type of low budget advertising concept. Many companies have chosen these types of promotional items because they are something that a consumer could use every day.

If you are considering promoting your business by getting promotional materials you should make sure that you have a set budget. Having a budget will help you determine the product that you can afford and the number that you can purchase.

Use your creativity when using promotional items. Something fun like a paper fan for an outdoors event on a hot day will help people stay cool and they will remember you for this product. Also, paper is somewhat inexpensive and can assist you in keeping your costs down. You really don't have to spend a lot of money and, at the same time, you can promote your company.

Promotinal activities are very important to the success of your company so start today and get your name out there.
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