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How To Double Your Sales With Back End Selling And Up Selling

Apr 17, 2008
When running a business online, making and closing a sale is the ultimate achievement. That's why we do business in the first place. To provide a product or service in exchange of some revenue.

When it comes to doing business online it's very important to be able to get new people to buy from you. However, at the same time, it's more important to keep the people that already do buy from you happy. Getting people to buy from you time and time again is called back end selling.

This means that people who have borrowed from you before are going to keep coming back to you again. However, that is not the only thing that is going to help. Another thing that you are going to have to do is up selling. This is where you get people who are already buying from you to buy more.

The truth is that about 80% of your sales are going to come from about 20% of your customers. That means that a small amount of the people that buy from you are going to be making you most of your money.

To make back end selling work, you have to make sure that people enjoy shopping on your web site. When they buy from you they have to have a good time and leave your website wanting more. Thus, they will come back time and time again to get more of your great customer service.

You do not want them to take their business to someone else. That means that the saying, "the customer is always right," is true. You need them to shop with you, or you are not going to make any money. So make sure that you keep people that shop with you happy so they will not spend their money elsewhere.

Next, you have to get people to buy more than what they know they want. Pretty much this is what up selling is. This is where you offer people or show people other products that they did not ask for, and ask if they would like it. You see this a lot at fast food restaurants where they ask you if you would like fries with your sandwich. They are trying to up sell you so that you spend more money. Anyone who has ever been in sales will attest to the amazing power of the up sell.

The more money that you spend, the more money they are making from you. It's important to make sure that you get new customers, but keeping the old ones that are already buying from you is the number one thing you need to do. Up selling is something that you should learn to use and it should not be underestimated in your internet marketing arsenal. In the end, the up sell should benefit both you and your website customers.

So start up selling today and double your sales in the process!
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