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Can You Start A MLM Or Network Business For $100.00?

Apr 17, 2008
The Answer is absolutely YES!

(I'm assuming you have a computer as your reading this on the internet)

First of all let's explore why most newbies to mlm fail.

The newbie places some paid ads, not really knowing what will work.

They are getting excited now! They listen to conference calls of Expert Calling Marketers and go right out and buy a bunch of leads. They usually buy 10 times the number of leads they can handle. They pay big bucks for HOT leads and by their inexperience these hot leads get colder and colder. By the time the newbie calls these leads (if they call them at all) these leads have been called 9 times by other marketers! These hot leads have become as unresponsive as a fish mounted on the wall.

So next they listen to more calls and maybe a webinar. Then somebody whispers Dani Johnson in their ear. Now $150.00 worth of cds later, they are excited again! They buy some very expensive Dani Johnson Super Leads! Yeah! These are great! They pay $6.00 a piece and close 40% of these contacts and sell them a $10.00 product! Great! Less see....100 leads at $6.00=$600.00 Close 40% of 100 leads=40 sales@ $10.00=$400.00 A $200.00 loss!

How long can this business model function? To the depth of your bank account and to the limit on your credit card!

In my opinion, they fail to educate themselves adequately. They may learn the basics of advertising but fail to specialize in a few methods till they bear fruit.

They learn from the wrong source!

Secondly, when you purchase leads they are collected by lead brokers who have their own cost and profit to make. They make revenue by selling these leads. They sell to lead vendors. They may sell leads to many vendors who resell leads to 3 or more people. Doesnt sound very exclusive, does it?

How do we overcome this generic problem in network marketing?

We generate our own leads! Very Highly Targeted to whatever product or services you offer! (We do have ways for you to start making money right away, again with free advertising.

We do this with several FREE strategies that multiply with effort and time!

Have I got your attention? Yes I said FREE! Free advertising that drives highly targeted leads to you!

If you have more time than money this is for you! Imagine leads flowing to your own website and people purchasing without a call from you!

What would you say if everything was in place for you to start driving those leads to you and be able to track each ad so you can maximize your time and effort?

I wish I'd had found this before I invested over $7,000.00 for very little return. Before I wasted all that time and energy.

Don't you want to start the right way? The profitable way? Where you get paid to generate your own targeted leads?

If you want to learn more on starting a successful business click on the link below!
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Bobby Winchell is an accomplished businessman with 35 years of marketing experience. He is an MLM mentor and couch. http://bobbywinchell.PowerProspectingSystem.com/?mad=4832
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