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Apr 17, 2008
Many of the searches on Google are local searches. For a small portion of the expense of other advertising media, you can advertise for local customers with Google. There are times that this method will reach more customers than Yellow Page ads; you can trace your Google ads more easily and it is much more cost effective than mailers and fliers.

According to the Kelsey group, 60 percent of all internet searches are local. Some estimates run as high as 75 percent. But even if it were only 20 percent, that's still a lot of searches. Tens of millions a day, at least.

However the numbers work out, local search is doubtlessly the best underused option for managing your PPC.

Are you selling weight management programs, audio downloads, flat screen TV, or home loans nationally on Google? It is possible to do but it will be an uphill fight all the way so be prepared.

However if you happen to be accounting firm, electrician, handyman, or foot doctor, the battle is easily won. The competitors in your market most likely have no idea what they are doing.

This is also a great place to consult, setting up campaigns for neighboring businesses, because it's so undeserved. Think about it:

Most businesses in your area of the city shell out as much as $1,000 per month simply on Yellow Pages ads. The money is being spent.

Yellow Pages sales persons help make people more aware of the online opportunities when they sell Internet Yellow Page listings. But that is Google or Yahoo ads.

Google and their ilk are so occupied with handling extant possibilities that the actuality of reps selling ppc on the streets is a distant prospect. (Though there are hints of a venture with Yellow Pages.)

If you are dealing with a category where mail-order in not possible and the items must be gotten locally, then the clicks are cheap. Check this out. If you search for 'brake shop' in Chicago only 6 ads will come up, and one is for E-bay. Do I hear a bid for nickel clicks?

Local advertisers who are "knowing" about internet marketing are not thick on the ground. That is not likely to be changing soon. The difference between online commerce, and retail sales, is a great gulf. You have hear "In the land of the blind, the man with one eye gets to be king", that surely applies here.

If the fact that many keywords will produce only a few clicks a month doesn't bother you, then the ROI (return on investment) for the clicks you get is phenomenal.
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