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Apr 17, 2008
In very simply words, link popularity refers to the number and quality of the links that are pointing to your site. In the engine's view, your site is considered important as well. These other sites consider your site important enough to link to. What is meant by link popularity can get much more complex, which is discussed further in this article. Now that we've gotten the preliminaries out of the way, let's get down to business: learning ways to increase the link popularity of our sites.

However, one of the most difficult areas of SEO services is building link popularity. Try those strategies now and you can easily find yourself booted out of an engine. Solid link popularity can literally make or break a site with the search engines. In SEO, factors have become more and more important as they relate to rankings. Why? Because the engines don't want artificially created links, so there are no easy ways to build link popularity. The days of link farms and huge link building exchange programs are over.

Rather, the engines want links from authoritative sites, or links from sites that share the same focus as your site. After each strategy, we briefly attributed it to the SEO who sent it to us, and then we provided a list of all contributors along with their companies and URL's at the end of the article. To write this article, we went to professional search engine optimizers for their ideas. But besides the link popularity you gain by getting an authoritative site to link to you, you also gain additional visibility for your Web site. So, if you work on building link popularity, don't forget those two basic reasons and details for requesting links.

If you use them as recommended in this article, you will have no problems. Keep in mind that these strategies aren't in any particular order. When looking through this links, you may find strategies that are subject to abuse. Also, keep in mind that though it isn't always stated explicitly, we're always referring to related and important or authoritative sites as our targets.
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