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Simple Advice When Starting An Online Home Based Business

Apr 17, 2008
Here is some very simple advice when starting and planning a home based business.

1.Find a program that you believe in. This may sound simple, but as you review different programs, make sure you do your research. Make sure others are making money in the program, and that it provides support through forums where people can share ideas and help.

When you get started an online home based business it is like drinking from a fire hose. There are so many different ideas and tips. You need to have a program that is repeatable, and that will provide you the right guidance. Do your research and do not purchase anything until you ask as many people about the program you are about to purchase.

2.Set goals. It sounds simple, but the majority of people do not do it. Set your goals, and write them down. Then under each goal write all the things you need to do to accomplish those goals. Each day do the activities. Over time you will start to achieve your goals if you realize that you are building something. Do not look for a quick fix or a quick result. When you are starting an online home based business realize that there is a lot you will need to learn. Set goals and be patient and persistent and you will see your goals and dreams come true.

3.Spend most of your time and effort on creating web traffic. In the movie, A Field of Dreams, the catch phrase is "if you build it, they will come." This is not necessarily true when you start an online home based business. Although the uniqueness of your site design and content does and will continue to play a huge part in the success of your business, just by building the site and putting it on the internet will not guarantee you success. In your first weeks and months of starting your online home based business you should focus 90% of your efforts on how to get people to come to your site. What you want to do is build your own list of unique visitors by offering something of value for free in exchange for their contact information. However, focus most on how to get people to your site and over time, when you can create a few hundred unique visitors to your site daily, you will see the money start to come in.

There are a lot of ways to create traffic to your website. First you need to optimize your site using keywords. Then you need to get back links pointing to your site. You can do this by submitting your website to multiple directories, and by writing unique articles with unique content and having your website URL in the section about the author, and within the context of your article. Over time, if you have enough links to your site your page ranking will get higher and the search engines will show your page based on the keywords you have selected. This process takes time, patience, determination and diligence. But it pays off over time.

4.Become proficient in HTML, or find an application that will help you learn HTML. HTML stands for hyper-text-markup language. It's the code that is underneath your web pages. You need to be able to easily make changes to your site as time goes on and therefore need to learn the basics of HTML. You can do this a number of ways. You can use Google and search on "learning HTML" and you'll find some free sites that give you some of the basics. Another way is that there is software available that uses basic word processing types of interfaces and makes it very easy to make changes to your site. One such tool is XsitePro. It is simply the best website creation tool I've ever come across. It does everything for you, wheth¬er you want to create & sell your own product, sell affiliate products or just add content to your site. It's fast and easy. You don't need to have ANY knowledge of HTML or codes whatsoever.

If you can master these basic 4 concepts and strategies you will secure a firm foundation for an online home based business as I believe these are the four most important areas to consider when starting a home based business online. You need to have a program that you believe in, that is repeatable, and that will offer guidance; set realistic goals based on your schedule and do something every day to achieve those goals; spend the majority of your time working on getting traffic to your site; and become a master of creating content on your website by either learning HTML, or by acquiring a tool like XsitePro that gives you the tools to easily make those changes.

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John Washington has evaluated numerous home based businesses and is an entrepreneur who earns multiple streams of income from home on the Internet. Please http://www.fortifiedwealth.com/ and find a resource guide on starting a home based business.
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