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Three Stages of Profitable Email Offerings

Apr 17, 2008
How can a handful of the internet marketers seem to earn money with ease using their client lists but the rest just eek out a few dollars here or there?

One reason for this is you need to have a relationship of trust with your client list. Just having that list does not indicate a trusting relationship. This topic is covered in another of my articles.

The second element is making an offer they jump at. I practiced this over and over again until I found out exactly what works best. It's scary the first few times you stand in front of a live audience...and show them how much money your email brings in.

The top offer I made for a live crowd peaked at nearly $97 grand. That is no affiliates or JV partners, only my client list.

These are the 3 necessary steps I found for putting together an offer that brings in the orders. Add-ons like guarantees and testimonials can be included but these are the three key ingredients.

First Step: Have a Unique Irresistible Benefit

What do they gain from the bargain? What are they getting?

That would be the benefit. Observe that there are two other partsunique and irresistible. How is your offering unique compared to the rest? Why choose yours over every other choice available?

When you can answer those questions you will have a compelling offer.

Even if you're offering a product by someone else, you must come up with a way to make your offer unique and different. Don't just pile on bonuses haphazardly. Offer something just a little different from everyone else.

Step Two: Scarcity

Create a reason why people should act right now. Is there a limited number available? Will the offer expire in just a few days? Why do they need to act now instead of in a few days or weeks?

Maybe bonus #1 is limited and will be removed Tuesday. Maybe you only printed 50 copies of this item. If you don't give people a reason to act now, they will save your email and think about it later. And they'll forget.

Third Step: Reason Why

Why are you offering such a fantastic bargain? It is unbelievable. They think you are exaggerating. Every other marketer uses scarcity and then lies while doing it. Why do they need to believe you?

What is your motivation behind such a great deal? Did you get more than you needed so you want to get rid of them fast? Have you some taxes coming due and need money to pay it? Is your product scratched or otherwise damaged?

When I made an offer before a live crowd, I let them know. The reason why I had to offer them such a great deal is because I couldn't and didn't want to, look dumb before over 150 people. That was easy motive to believe and easy to understand too.
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