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Apr 17, 2008
The new industry buzzword is DVD on Demand. This consists of burning a DVD at the time the item is ordered instead of producing an inventory and selling that item from the inventory. The DVD on Demand model removes the need for carrying an inventory and the risk of being stuck with it should the inventory not sale. The only way to use the DVD on Demand model is to duplicate or burn the discs as opposed to replicating them which can not produce one off discs.

Another form of DVD on Demand is Live Conference Production and Fulfillment. This consists of having an event televised or taped and then capturing the feed live so that it can be authored and sent to a bank of duplication machines that can output hundreds of copies literally within minutes of an event ending. This allows people attending that event to purchase what they just saw on DVD as they exit the event facilities.

The concept of live event capturing allows the event promoters to trigger the impulse buy pattern of event attendees as they are leaving the event. This is increasingly becoming more popular with sporting events and marketing or training seminars.

Event capturing and rapid duplication is complicated and works in the following manner:

1. The event is captured by either recording equipment or live broadcast feed and streamed to the production booth.

2. The event can be authored as it's streaming so it can be duplicated very quickly upon the events conclusion.

3. Banks of duplication systems are ready to start duplicating the event within minutes of it ending. Prior the event, the discs can be pre-printed or silkscreened so that once duplicated, they can be professionally packaged and sold within 5 to 10 minutes of the event actually ending.

Mediatechnics has teamed up with the Live Network to bring this service to the public.
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