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Purchase Email Lists At Your Own Risk

Apr 17, 2008
Email lists are definitely something that isn't uncommon in the business world today. Ever since we witnessed the dot com boom era, we have slowly seen the internet take over our lives, business and world. What greater way is there to have access to millions of people world wide through the internet and for a business person, that means potentially millions of customers world wide.

Email marketing methodologies require businesses to come up with email lists which are used to entice more customers to their services. Studies have shown that the average person requires a total of seven times of repeated advertisement before they decide to buy something. Advertising to people face to face seven times can be rather annoying and there's still a chance you won't clinch a deal, however through the usage of email lists, it allows you to advertise to potential customers using a more subtle method, which most customers would only notice subconsciously. The idea is to provide the customer with the quality information that they require when they sign up to your email list. Bad information or spam mail would not only put your customers off, but as a result, they may go on to spread bad words about you and your services.

With that said, it's no doubting why this article is titled "Purchase Email Lists at Your Own Risk". There are lots of places on the World Wide Web where you can acquire email lists. Many companies have come up with millions of lists to earn quick money, but most of them are spam and the email lists, more often than not are a result of email harvesting on the internet. These are not potential customers who have opted into an email list and consented to receiving emails. Using these email lists to market your business would only result in your auto responder service being flagged multiple spam complaints.

In the field of email marketing, let's take a look at conversion rates, which is basically the amount of readers of your emails sent via your mailing list; actually turn into customers purchasing something from you. Like what was mentioned early, we want these products and services to be advertised at least seven times, but how do you feel such a feat can be achieved, if your potential customer opts out of your mailing list due to your first email being fairly 'spammy'?

Ultimately, the primary objective of an email list is to increase your sales and boost your business, but if you're an impatient person that decides to go out and purchase one of those pre-made lists with millions of emails at a cheap cost, rather than to create your own list that is personalized by yourself, you may end up losing a lot more than that which you started with. Start creating your own mailing list today, making it original and personal will allow you to draw more potential customers and before long, you should be able to see an increased in your customer based and conversation rates.
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