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Aerial Advertising - Cheaper Than TV or Radio and More Memorable

Apr 17, 2008
Advertising is usually a big budget item for many businesses. Most agree that word-of-mouth is the most effective method but it takes time to build up a good foundation of happy customers.

Alternative advertising methods include high cost radio or television ads, that might be targeted at a local community. However, too often people channel surf during the commercials and never even hear what is offered. Printed matter can be effective to reach a community but what percent ends up as wrapping for fish? Internet advertising is growing but may reach for a local business a much larger market than is useful.

One innovative idea which has soared in popularity in high density population areas is aerial advertising. Here's how it works. A firm is hired to make a large banner displaying a product or service message. They then fly over the area where many people are congregating, pulling the banner behind the plane. This works best when the sky is open, as at a beach, sporting event, concert, or parade. People look up at this distraction, read the ad and remember the product or service. Sound expensive? Actually aerial advertising is more cost effective than one might think.

Though it costs less, aerial advertising reaches more people in a more effective way. One example is a beach in Miami that was advertised to and then, 30 minutes later, 2000 people were surveyed. The survey showed that 88% knew the ad had flown by, 79% could recall the product or service, and 67% could recall at least half of the exact message. Could the printed media or radio and TV ads match this effectiveness at a reasonable five dollars per thousand people targeted? Amazingly, you can reach the same number of people with less than half the budget required for traditional advertising by using aerial advertising. Those spending significant amounts of their budget on traditional advertising would do well to consider this option.

People are curious. They will look up, see the banner, and wonder, "What does it say?" or "Who's spending a lot of money trying to get us to know about their product?" For as much as seventeen seconds, they are able to read the banner several times. Some will have it memorized in that time. The uniqueness made an impression. They will remember the product.

Concerns of air pollution caused by the plane can be put aside as this is much less than the amount of waste produced by discarded print advertisements reaching the same number of people. Comparatively, aerial advertising is much less invasive.

Companies interested in reaching a large number of people in a short period of time with their product or service should consider looking into aerial advertising as a means to this end.
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