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How To Drive Low-Cost Targeted Traffic To Your Site With Long Tail Keywords

Apr 17, 2008
There is a theory on the internet that talks about how products that are in lower demand can actually make you more money than products that are in high demand. This is because there are more products in low demands, and although they do not apply to everyone, you are able to get them for a discount and sell them to different people.

This kind of marking is sometimes called long tail. One way to make this kind of marking work better is called long tail keywords. These are keywords that are low cost (If Using PPC advertising) and a great way to drive better targeted traffic to your web site.

First, we should talk about what a long tail keyword is. This is pretty much a multi phrase search query that allows search engines users to come across your web site faster. The single keywords that are most popular, most managed by pay per click marketers, are rarely those that provide the most business.

This is why its so important to take advantage of long tail keywords. The great thing about long tail keywords is, of course, their low cost. But also long tail keywords give you a more targeted set of people than a general keyword topic. The result of this factor is simple: Better qualified prospect that leads to a better conversion ratio.

For example, lets talk about video games. A normal search would be, video games. However, to get a more general set of people to visit your site you may need a longer tail as they say. This would mean saying things like, video games for the Wii, lost cost video games, the best video games on the market, or things like that.

There are a lot of great things about long tail keywords, but one of the best things is that it drives a lot more people to your web site. Not only that, but long tail keywords are a lot easier to rank high in the search engines results. Thus you can end up being ranked higher than other sites in a short time frame. Knowing just how to word the keyword phrase is really the art behind long tail keywords marketing.

After you find out just how to word things then you are going to more than double your sales in no time. There are a lot of different ways to go about adding keywords to your web site, but some ways are always better than others. The long tail keywords just so happen to be one of those ways. You should use it to increase the number of visitors that are coming to your web site and get people who are more interested in your web site to visit you.

Whether you are using pay per click advertising or organic search engine optimization you should take advantage of long tail keywords to increase your site traffic but most importantly, your sales!

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