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My 5 Internet Marketing Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Apr 17, 2008
When you first start out in internet marketing it can become pretty overwhelming pretty fast and before you know it you are spending 10-12 hours online without actually making any money for your efforts.

I started online back in 2005 and what I have found in my relative short internet marketing life is that it doesn't take much to end up with more debt than income, which is what promoted me to write about it.

Wherever you are in your journey towards running your own successful internet based business I hope writing about my internet marketing mistakes will help you avoid them.

Internet Marketing Mistake #1
Joining way too many email lists and trying to listening to what every expert was telling me to do and becoming overwhelmed. My inbox was full of information but some of it was saying different things and I became confused about which expert to listen to. If you have 10, 20 or more emails coming in from different people consider unsubscribing from the ones you don't read and focusing in on the ones you do.

Internet Marketing Mistakes #2
Listening to many voices expect one. I took on a mentor very early on and I am glad that I did but I didn't give his advice long enough. While he was mentoring me I was still listening to all the other experts and sometimes ignoring what my mentor said because of something I read in an email! If I was doing it all again I would tune out all the other voices and only listen to my mentor for the time that I was with him and a few months after that until I had achieved the goals I set myself.

Internet Marketing Mistakes #3
Believing the hype! Yes we all get caught up in product launches and ticking clocks that tell you the price is about to go up, or special fast action bonuses only for the first 100 people. I got caught up in it all time and time again. I ended up with fast action bonuses that I never used anyway and products I never got round to using plus a huge credit card bill. If I was doing it all again I would only be focused on buying products that directly relate to my business goals and I would stop to think about exactly what value that product will bring to my business.

Internet Marketing Mistake #4
Not building a list. I was running my internet based business for 12 months before I realized that I had no real business because I had no list. It was only when I took part in my first mastermind group and everyone began to talk about group promotions that I realized I had no one to promote to! Building a list would definitely be my first priority (after finding my target market of course).

Internet Marketing Mistake #5
Not staying focused. With no target market, no list to build, no idea about what I really wanted to achieve I moved from one business idea to another. Whatever the latest product was I bought into it in the hope that somehow the product will be the thing that happened me decide what I wanted to do. If I was doing it all again I would definitely take my time reading the information provided by experts and use that to help me decide on my target market and business vehicle that I would use to make money online.

So those are my 5 biggest internet marketing mistakes and I hope you go out of your way to avoid them because it will save you a lot of frustration and a very large credit card bill!

Limit the number of emails hitting your inbox, find yourself a mentor and only listen to their teaching, don't get caught up in the hype, build your list once you know your target market and stay focused on what you want to achieve.
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Diane Corriette provides free information on easy and low cost ways to make money online at http://www.womeninternetmarketers.com/easy she also shares her internet marketing mistakes at http://www.myinternetmarketingmistakes.com
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