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Making Money Online Means Learning Who You Are

Apr 17, 2008
In building your home based business, setting goals and building your lists to make money in your online home based we discussed re-examining what went before in your business. Then we stated you should re-evaluate your training approach, your target market and your training approach to make sure you acquire the benefits of your new goal setting process.

We made a point that your situational learning approach is key to the start of making sure success is always around the corner because this is where things change because you are making training a profit center activity for you and your home based business. The process and approach is simple when you apply the LAMPS situational learning process which is Learn, Activate, Motivate, Participate and Success.

Then you re-evaluate your target market foundations and profitability, to clearly look for the profit making ability of this target market. Once this is done it is time to produce a short but targeted one page business plan and stay on the road to success. It should be mentioned that the business plan be kept short to one page and therefore you don't waste time on those things that are unimportant.

Finally we stated you should get your list building and technology plan in place to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. As you start developing your list building plan, you then start executing your technology plan

On developing your list you need to develop your current resources of your existing home based business because you have the basics of what you really need within your business already. The basics are really you. How you approach your business and how you intend to apply yourself becomes key to success.

List building is the process of generating a list of e-mail addresses for use in e-mail campaigns. This becomes the foundation of your business building plans.

Ever wonder why so many marketers give away - free reports, free eBooks, free software, free services, free memberships, etc. - just to get your contact information? The answer lies in the importance of their lists. The reason this process is key is because people will buy from you when you have developed a relationship with your prospective customer. This can't be done unless you build that relationship with multiple touches.

More on list building in future articles, but to close we need to focus on what we have.
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