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Benefiting From Viral Traffic

Apr 17, 2008
Of all of the different forms of traffic that you can get on your website, viral traffic has the potential of sending you the most amount of people in the shortest period of time. This traffic can come from a number of different locations and through a variety of methods but if it is truly viral in nature, you will be surprised at the explosion of traffic that comes to your website. What exactly is viral traffic and how can you successfully set up a viral traffic campaign in order to send your hit counter spinning?

Viral traffic is basically just website visitors that come from a variety of viral marketing campaigns. These can include anything from online videos to freely downloadable products. The main thing that you need to remember about viral traffic, however, is that it needs to be something that people are willing to pass on to other individuals. You can create the greatest product that is available but if it does not have a viral nature to it then it will do little more than attract some attention on the side.

Have you ever seen some of the videos that have attracted millions of viewers? There are several things that these videos may have in common which include such things as comedy, controversy and creativity. For the most part, however, many of these viral videos were not put up with the intent of attracting this much attention. It happened naturally, as a result of those videos being passed on again and again and the traffic multiplying naturally. The good news is, you can also create the same effect to a video that you make with the intent of producing this kind of traffic. All you really need to do is to create controversy, comedy or creativity that will be enough to encourage others to pass on your work.

If you are on the verge of a viral marketing campaign but just can't seem to get it rolling to the extent that you want, perhaps you're not asking hard enough. Many viral campaigns that were started naturally did so simply because people wanted to pass the information on. Perhaps your video or other viral marketing techniques are interesting but they are just not quite interesting enough for people to pass them on naturally. If you ask people to pass them on, however, enough people may take you up on your offer and you could start the ball rolling in that way.

As they say, all good things must eventually come to an end. Your viral marketing campaign will typically have a lifespan and you may notice that the traffic you are receiving will eventually begin to die out to a certain extent. If you continue to put up other campaigns in order to create a viral effect and subsequent traffic to your website, however, you can not only see the traffic coming on a regular basis, you may actually see it grow on a regular basis as well.
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