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Getting people to keep your business Cards

Apr 17, 2008
As a business owner and entrepreneur the business card is your best way of getting your name and business remembered by people you meet. It projects your image, which has been developed after years of hard work. But for people getting your card it is just an advertisement.

For lots of business people who get cards all the time, your business card may not be any different to any others. In fact receiving business cards is sometimes a great annoyance to people.

I think that you would agree, having your card kept and read is an absolute necessity as a way of getting business. Even if it is because you have spent energy, effort and time handing out your card.

Is there a secret weapon to Business card success.

First you will need to find out what would make you keep peoples card

1: I don't think you will throw away a card if it has the contact details for a supplier of hard to get products or services.

2:You may want to keep them so that you can use the contact as a intermediate for a friend or another contact, a stepping stone if you will.

3:You may also want to keep a persons card because they offer a service or product that a friend or associate might need, for instance a mechanic, you may have found a good mechanic and your at a party and a friend tells you they cant find a mechanic that does quality work, you will hand your card to them to be of assistance.

That's the beauty of business cards

You now know that while designing and handing out your card people may also be using it for non-business reasons, just something else to keep in mind.

Unfortunately people see business cards as just a contact card and miss a great marketing opportunity. An opportunity that may never come back .

A business card can be a business magnet, but how.

It may sound easy but the secret is to supply a business card with information on it that people want to keep. You can do this by using the back of your card or getting a card with extra folds, these give the opportunity to hold more information. If you have information that people need on your card they will not throw it away.

For instance if you sell trade supplies you can put conversion tables or calculations that will be helpful to trades man.

With the many ways to get people to keep your card, these generally all have to do with great information that is useful.

It doesn't matter how you design your card as long as you keep some simple ideas in mind. These are design for a broad market, keep your card simple and uncrowded, make your contact details easy to find. If you follow these simple ideas your card will work for you long after it has been handed out, and will silently help build your business.
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Author: Rick Dupont writes for Cheap Cards a business dedicated to helping people discover many great business card ideas and cheap business card deals as well as supplying general business information.
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