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Time Management and Your Home Based Business

Apr 17, 2008
How you manage your time can make or break your home based business. Distractions are perhaps the biggest contributer to lost time. Some of these distractions include too much time on the Internet or television, or even phone calls or chores around the house. If you have a family, yes, you will have additional demands but you still must be able to set aside time for your business.

In order to succeed at time management and your home based business, there are a few things you will need.

First, it's important to have your own space. A spare bedroom makes a good home office or use a corner in a room. Having a well organized space of your own is all you need. However, as mentioned before, if you choose to work in the room with the TV or kids playing, these distractions will steal your time away.

You need to schedule time daily to work your home business. Don't just think about it, actually write it down. Being able to devote an hour or two to your business on weekdays may mean skipping TV, especially if you work full time and only have evening to spend with your home business. If there are others living with you, be sure to let them know when you need to work and ask them only to call on you if there is an emergency. Find out what works and do it consistently each day.

Now, be sure to get the training needed to succeed with your home business. If possible, get someone who can coach you. This mentor will be able to keep you focused on your goals as well as give you the training you'll need. When it comes to getting a good business education, don't skimp here. This is an area that can really propel you up and onward.

Another important item is having a To Do list. You will want to write down four or five different tasks, things that you want to get done in your home business for that day. You can write these out that morning or the night before. Just be sure the activities on your list are things that will move your business forward, such as writing an article or creating a blog. Once that item is done, check it off. If anything is left unfinished, put it at the top of the list for the next day.

Finally, promote your business. This means do the marketing, the activity that brings in the money. Some of these tasks can include posting to blogs or writing ads. It all depends on the method you choose to market your service or product. Just be sure to be consistent and add to your efforts daily. Spend most of your time marketing.

Remember, if you have a good place to work, keep to your time schedule, get the proper training, have a written To Do list and spend most of your time marketing consistently, you will see your home business grow along with your income.
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