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Decorative Bollards, Caps & Covers

Apr 17, 2008
Sometimes it is not enough to simply protect equipment and supplies and safeguard areas of a facility from traffic and accidents. Sometimes, due to visitation from corporate leadership or the need to lead investors on a tour of the facility, it becomes necessary to create a more attractive setting. Even in an industrial environment, appearance has a bearing on negotiating power and moral, and decorative bollards are one tool you can use to make the facility not only more functional and safe, but also a bit more ornamental and aesthetic. Decorative bollards are also a great way to take a less is more approach to decoration because they are small and inexpensive compare to the more formal decorations required to make an office look nice.

Companies can carry both decorative bollards and bollard accessories that make standard bollards more decorative and attractive in appearance. We have both new and used models in both categories and coordinate drop shipping and installation to any location within the United States.

For a company with a budget for new equipment purchases, we recommend investing in decorative, removable ornamental bollards. These units provide the same functional barrier to vehicle access and parking as stainless steel equivalents. They offer facilities the added value of a more attractive appearance and the convenience of portability.

Decorative Bollard Covers for 6" to 6 5/8" Pipe Diameters Removable ornamental bollards lock into position by means of galvanized steel sockets that are cemented into the ground. This allows the bollard to be removed at will when necessary. In order to prevent trip hazards, the sockets have covers that slide into place to protect the hole and create a smooth surface area with no protrusions. Decorative bollards can be padlocked in place to prevent unauthorized removal and also have eyes for attaching chain or rope.

Some companies may not have the budget to purchase new or even used decorative bollards as replacements for less attractive model. Companies can still help these organizations with bollard accessories that will upgrade the appearance of any standard unit.

These protective dome covers and plastic caps make standard stainless steel bollards more decorative and more practically functional in a number of specific, tangible ways.

Decorative bollard caps are removable, unlike steel caps that are welded into place and cannot be removed. Bollard Caps

Decorative bollard caps are removable, unlike steel caps that are welded into place and cannot be removed. Using a removable cap allows you to fill the unit with concrete to increase its mass and resistance to accidental impact.

Decorative Bollard Covers
Easy Rack has 8 styles and colors to choose from that add an entirely different look to existing units and eliminate the cost and time of having to repaint them. They minimize maintenance and improve appearance. This " thick polyethylene thermoplastic material slides over your bollard. We carry many different bollard cover styles and colors to choose from. Custom colors and sizes are also available by placing a custom order with a companie's specialist.
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