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Top Three Ways To Make Money On The Web!

Apr 17, 2008
There's a new gold rush, the rush for internet wealth! People today are becoming aware of the wealth that can be made online and the good part about internet money, it keeps growing!

I have so many friends who ask me about ecommerce because my college friends want two things, money and beer. "Nick, how do you make money online?" I really don't know what to tell them when they ask because I was self taught and I am a horrible teacher. I usually point them to some big affiliate network suck as Clickbank or CJ. But enough about me and my friends, back to the point! I think people need to know the best ways to make money online, forget about the hype online! Don't get scammed!

I put this stuff together so I can just point my buddies in the right direction and let them self educate themselves. First a few rules that you need to follow.

1. Money is hard to get, Period!

2. Your going to work your butt off.

3. Never get discouraged

Now that you know what the rules are lets get into the list.

1. What is the first thing you think about when you think "make money online"? EBAY! Ebay is still one of the top ways to make some green online. Do you have a closet full of junk? Well that junk could turn into some spending money. I love the concept of Ebay and it's the easiest place to start. People make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year working on Ebay. Now don't go into this thinking your going to be the next Bill Gates, but hey! It can be fun!

2. Another route that you can take is affiliate marketing; it's a lot easier than Ebay In a few ways. You don't have to have any product or physical object that you sell. You promote someone else's product and get paid a percentage when one is sold. Pretty simple! This by far my favorite method.

3. Create your own way! The one cool thing about the net is people have come up with some pretty interesting ways to make money. You would be surprised.

I've heard that only 10% who try to make money online actually succeed; well I don't think this is actually true. Making money online is pretty easy; however, making a lot of money online is hard. When you take the dive into the online marketplace just don't ever do it unprepared, always seek some sort of advice because you could lose money. There are quite a few online programs and offline resources to help you meet your goals.

I know people who have gone in to the market with guns blazing and be shot down in weeks. So, keep your chin up and head in the right place and you should be fine. Never risk more then you can afford. Look at the internet as a slightly more controllable version of the stock market. Its simply an entity to make you money, now go exploit it!
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