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How To Start A Vending Machine Business - Strategies For Finding Locations!

Apr 17, 2008
Here are some useful tips and tactics to use when looking to find new vending locations.
Think about this question for example.

Have I gone to my local building department and asked to look at where and what new companies are up and coming? You can go to your local building department and see information there about all the new buildings this information is open to the public. If you see any new construction going on in your area and you say to yourself "I wonder what that place is?" Well you go to your local building department in your community and ask to see their building permit records.

Now in my community it is called the City Hall or Town Hall. There you will find that they have divisions, Transit, Public Works, Managers Office, Mayors Office, and Building Department. That is building that you want to go to. You can just go in there and say "Hey, I noticed a new facility opening up at this intersection and I am just wondering what that is going to be?"

In my community they have a binder where you can open it up and look and see. Some of the information in it will tell you the construction company that is doing the job. It may also say the company that is going in there. It might even give you contact information in there in some cases.

Here is another question that you might want to consider when looking for new vending locations. Do I have my phone number listed in the telephone directory for my area? That is a good one, because now more than ever people are searching for what they want information about on the Internet.

It used to be the phone book that people would use and flip through the pages to find what they were looking for, but now more than ever you want to get listed in your phone company's website directory also.

Yes, you will be tossed into a directory with a lot of other companies but you want to be in there. You want to be in there because part of your strategy and marketing is to go out and find locations on your own. But part of it, in the bigger picture, is eventually, once you get the basics down pat to be developing and refining a marketing plan where you can actually have people calling you and contacting you for your vending services.

That is probably the easiest way to actually build a solid business and at the end of the day the message that I am trying to convey here is that you really learning the basics getting your feet wet in the business by grudging through some of the initial work yourself will help you move forward in your business.

Some of these things that I am telling you right now, at the end of the day, it is up to you to take action and do this stuff. I am giving you the resources and information, and how you want to go about it is really up to you. The effort that you want to put in. I have used all of these tactics to actually build up my business, and it does work. You have to remember one thing. It is not just simply about making money and selling pop and chips and candy. I mean, that is a big part of it, because that is how you make your income.

It is more about the relationships that you are building with the people at your accounts, the people that you deal with on a regular consistent basis, because if you nurture those relationships then that is going to keep you in business forever.
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