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Web Promotion - Premium Services Really Worth The Price Tag?

Apr 17, 2008
When I first got into trying to promote my first website online I was simply lost in the maze that is internet marketing. There are tons of premium services that say "first page ranking in Google in one week", what? Really? Okay, come on. If everyone could simply pay a few hundred bucks a month to be on the first page of Google search results then that would be one loooooooong first page. But of course I tried one... And you know what? I got what they promised but there is this little teeny weenie loophole that not too many people realize when they buy into these services. For one, most of these services use premium search results, not organic. Meaning if you search for say "article marketing" on Google you would be in the right column in the advertised sites area. The 2nt little thing they do is promise you that you will have first page ranking on Google but don't tell you for what keyword. Your site could be about "Cell phone covers" and the said service would indeed successfully put you on page one but for some off the wall seldom used keyword like "buy cell phone covers cheap purple".... Okay so, I may get a few random searches a week and a sale ever few decades but it's not really worth the hundreds of dollars that it cost now is it?

So if paid inclusion services aren't worth anything what services are? Well, I really don't support a "newbie" going to one of these promotion companies because they are a little pricey and may be a scam. For someone who wants to get there feet wet and not lose there shirt then there are programs that take huge amounts of info and cram then into one tidy package with a few perks added in.

Yes, the infamous info products, you might have seen them on late night television or seen an advertising in passing but what are they about? I hate to say it but most are worthless. The majority of the marketers just buy one program and copy it and call in there own, this happens over and over again. Your mission as an educated consumer is to find the original programs, the ones that set the bar for all others. This task can be difficult but it can be done! Once you find one of these programs or book they are going to cost you. The old saying "you have to spend money to make money" is very true in ecommerce. The average cost is $30 with some being $10 and others being over $100. If you are new to marketing I wouldn't recommend spending more then $70, after that the price starts to outweigh the programs usefulness. What should you get out of your money? Well, lots of traffic producing techniques, a forum most of the time, sometimes a free website, but most of all the advice of an expert. You did your research, you found a program you like, and you decide to buy it. Congrats you might be on your way to some big dough but don't be crushed when you don't make three million dollars your first month.

Set your goals high but don't be disappointed when you fall short. Internet marketing is a hard egg to crack and making a few hundred bucks a month at first is a triumph in itself. My first goal was to pay for rent ($495) and when I got there I wanted to make enough to pay for my car payment. Take it in steps. If you need help finding legitimate programs check out my website.
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