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Basic Functions of various Compactors

Apr 17, 2008
Compactor is a machine that is used for minimizing or reducing the size of waste or space through the procedure of compacting.

Compactors are used for the purpose of industrial and commercial and waste use. Paper products or plastic bottles, aluminum cans are also recycled with the help of Compactors. Compactors reduce the waste into nearly 80% less garbage.

Among the other shape and size, compactors are mostly found in rectangular shape and large size that are managed hydraulically. In landfill areas, the waste materials are crushed by bulldozer beneath its wheels.

The compactors normally found with electric and hydraulic operation and are made of welded steel. They come up with various loading configurations such as Walk-On, Ground-Access and Secured Indoor Chute etc.

Normally three types of compactors are there in construction arena such as the jumping jack, the road roller and the plate compactor.

A large vibrating base-plate that is found in the plate compactor is more suitable to create a level grade; in contrast with the jumping jack compactor that has a smaller foot.

The jumping jack compactor is normally used to compress the backfill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipes.

The roller kinds of compactors are generally used for compacting crushed rock as the base layer underneath concrete or stone foundations.

Trash compacters are employed in many service businesses such restaurants, fast food, and hotels in order to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste as well as curb nuisance such as smell and rodents. Certain items such as disposable-diaper boxes, the non-edible portions of vegetables from a garden etc. are disposed with the help of these.

Cardboard, plastic, paper, foil, cans, and aluminum are some waste products that are compacted with the help of baler compactor that enables safe and solid compaction of waste.
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