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Evaluating A Multi Level Marketing Albatross

Apr 17, 2008
Entering into a business relationship with a successful online multi level marketing (MLM) business is a big step toward financial independence through entrepreneurial efforts. The Internet is the primary source of information about attractive and successful online MLM business opportunities that are legitimate and that have proven themselves to be a great stepping stone to financial success in many a work from home business owner's life.

Yet even if you have done all of your homework, followed the tips and tricks of finding the right business for your to the very last letter, there is a chance that a good opportunity will not work for you. Evaluating a MLM albatross that seems to drag you down rather than lift you up is a process that will require at least as much soul searching as it will necessitate entrepreneurial honestly.

Take a good look at the network marketing program for which you have signed up and ask yourself if you truly, in your heart of hearts, believe in the program you are selling. If you find that even though it sounds great, you just have not mustered up the enthusiasm to order a bottle of whatever it is you are distributing for yourself then the odds are good that you lack the innate credibility that only comes from an enthusiasm born of experience and thus are not able to believably sell the item. This might be the time to either try the product or let go of it and search for a different product or program.

If the former is not a problem, then a further evaluation will need to honestly assess your entrepreneurial effort. Have you gone through all of the training materials offered by the company and have you followed the rules, regulations, and suggestions to the last letter? Have you made it your job to market the product or have you taken more time off than you have really spent on promoting the item?

Has your commitment to the multi level marketing business opportunity waned when success was not as quick as you had hoped for and therefore you honestly cannot blame the business as much as you will need to take personal responsibility for the lack of success you are experiencing? At that point you have the choice to either stick with the business and give it your best or in the alternative find a different business opportunity, perhaps one that does not require distributing or network marketing.

As you are evaluating a potential MLM albatross that is tying you down, and if you come to the conclusion that it is best to let go of the business altogether, find a way to exit that will not leave you in a financial upheaval. In other words, if you have boxes upon boxes of the product stacked in your garage, find out if you can return the product to the company prior to resigning. If this is not an option, contact your down line and offer the items to them for a good deal. Finally, eBay is always a good place to sell your overstock to someone else who might want to take on the business.
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