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Why Home Business Classified Ads Will Make All The Difference

Apr 18, 2008
For many people still relying on a day job to live, the home business represents the best and easiest way for them to enter the world of being their own boss and thus any classified ads targeting this market are bound to yield fabulous results.

But first it is important to know how to use home business classified ads for the biggest effect and the best results. It is important that you know how to write classified ads that are bound to sell or give you the highest possible response.

To write effective classified ads you will need to be familiar with the widely used aida formula for writing classified ads. Aida is important for anybody intending to write effective classified ads. Aida stands for attention, interest, desire and action.

The whole idea is to first draw the attention of your prospects, and then create interest. The first words of the classified ad or the headline must draw the attention of your prospects by addressing their needs or a solution to their most pressing problems. As they start reading your classified their interest should be piqued. This should then move to desire and cause them to take whatever action you have asked them to in the classified ad as they finish reading it. It is important to note here that with classified ads you should always demand some deliberate and direct action from your readers. Ask them to email you, call you or even order your free report.

Remember that the rule is classified ads should not try and sell directly, rather they should seek to build an opt-in email list or generate prospects who can be further sold to.

Home business classified ads that sell like hot cakes

Different advertisements and even home business ads can have remarkably different results. It depends a lot on what they say and how they say it. Little wonder that many businesses have always preferred to hire ad experts to run their campaigns for them and to design and carefully word their ads.

Still there are some basics skills that anybody can learn about how to construct an advertisement for maximum impact.

After you have written your classified ad, you will need to ask yourself what nagging problem it addresses or what "headache" it offers a cure for. If your classified ad fails this basic initial test, then chances are that it will not be effective in getting you a good response or selling your product. Always remember that readers are selfish and will constantly be asking themselves the question; what is in it for me? Your home business classified ad needs to answer that question effectively and conclusively to be really successfully.

Another very important point to remember is that classified ads work best when they are used simply to establish contact or generate leads rather than to directly sell. The whole idea should be for you to gather a large amount of names which you can then use to creatively communicate your offers and the strengths of your product. The idea here is that very few people will buy from a business that they are not familiar with so the frequent contact after getting a name from a data base is very important to help you sell your home business product like hot cakes.
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