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MLM Training - What Is Presenting? You Might Be Surprised

Apr 18, 2008
Just how do you get your prospects to accept your ideas, join your company, or try your products? Read this MLM training article and learn the basics of presenting so that your prospects will join your company and try your product or service.

The definition of present is to bring before the public. The word present comes to us from Latin, which means to show.

That's the dictionary definition, but what is presenting as it relates to your MLM business? Presenting at its very core is taking a concept or idea that is in your head and conveying it to another person or persons so that they adopt the same or similar view on that concept or idea.

Let me give you an example or two. I would like you to picture a tennis ball. It's bright green in color and fuzzy. It bounces if you throw it on the ground or against the wall. Do you get a picture of this tennis ball? Good - that's presentation. If I put a thought into your head and cause you to think about it, that's presentation.

If I took a picture of a tennis ball and showed it to you - that's presentation. So now when you're walking through an airport or driving down the highway and see pictures of things, you know that all of these pictures are presentations.

If I handed you a tennis ball and said, "Here hold this," that's also presentation. When I go to the grocery store on a Saturday morning, there are people who will give me a cracker with some kind of spread on it and ask me to taste it. That is presentation.

Now, presentation is not limited to physical things. I could present to you my views on the subject of integrity - that's not a physical object. It's just a thought in my head that I convey to yours.

Here's the key MLM training point you need to understand: A presenter's aim or intention is to get the person they're presenting to, to agree and adopt the same view or a similar view. This is true whether you're presenting to your employer, your mother, your spouse or your dog!

This is also true throughout any medium. Meaning, whether you're presenting by speech or by written words it's still the same concept, you desire another or others to adopt your same view.

So don't think for a second that the media is "reporting" the news. They're "presenting" the news - in the way they want people to view it.

So presentation means "to show It is conveying an item in your head to another. And this is an important MLM training tip to remember - otherwise you could be presenting incorrectly and prospects won't understand what you are trying to convey.
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